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The Packaging Industry gains everyone’s attention in recent years. The drastic changes in the packaging industry show enormous growth and set a benchmark that needs high precision measurement operations.


level sensors for juice and pulp
Juice & Pulp

The perishable items like juices, pulp and concentrated puree of fruit processing plants are packed in bottles and tetra pack when fresh at high temperature with hygienic equipment. For hygienic fittings, Elixir-T-Uni will be perfect where as for pulp type sticky material Coat-Endure will be advantageous.

Vibrating Fork Level Sensor
level sensors for oil

The flexible packaging of oils in cans, pouches, and bottles keep the oil fresh and safe. It is an essential part of human food, hence sensitive to contamination. For compact packing machines, Elixir-T-Uni is best choice and for high temperature use SLC.

  Capacitance based Level Switch
level sensors for pickle

Pickle is a food item that has been preserved in vinegar type solution and left for fermentation for a certain period. For customizable probe length, Coat-Endure is justified solution whereas SLA Series type admittance level sensor will be useful with coating immunity.


level sensors for ketchup

The processing plant involves the packaging of tomato puree and ketchup. These are packed in bottles and pouches with the help of small silos. The viscous ketchup creates coating on level sensor's probe. To resolve this condition, prefer Coat-Endure.

Admittance based Level Sensor
level sensors for detergent

Detergent is a water-soluble surfactants with cleansing property. These are generally available in powder and liquid form. The Elixir is suitable for liquid packaging machines. For powders, Vibrosonde is appropriate.

  Vibrating Fork Level Sensor
level sensors for powders

Finely grind particles that flow freely are referred as powders. These have higher chances to form clumps. Spices, coffee, flour, and cement are few examples of powder form. For maintaining better accuracy and control prefer Vital which has fast switching.

Vibrating Fork Level Sensor

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