Cement Manufacturing Process

Cement Manufacturing is largely an automated process.

  • Selecting the right level sensor can help in reducing downtime for repair and maintainance.
  • Additionally, configuring level sensors online can help to match the exact specifications: Output, Material of Construction, Mounting Arrangment, etc.


level sensors for stacker machine
Stacker Machine

  • A stacker machine creates stock piles of solid material such as coal, cement.
  • The environment is dusty and build-up on the level sensor probe is expected.
  • SLA 622 M and SLA 622 B level instruments with Sub Probe Type: Super Strong(SS) ignore build-up effectively and have a rugged design to ensure long service life.

Level Sensor with coating immunity
level sensors for limestone silo
Limestone Silo

Limestone is stored in the form of hard rocks in storage silos. For preventing overflow SLA Dot Display with Probe Sub Type: Super Strong(SS) is recommended.




Level Sensor for dusty environment
level sensors for additive silo
Additive Silo

Limestone is mixed with sand, clay and fly-ash in appropriate proportion and stored in large additive silo. Dust clouds of fly-ash can cause buildup on the probe. SLA Dot Display is immune to build-up. For calibration-free solution Vibrating Fork type level sensor Vital could also be used.

level sensors for clinker cooler
Clinker Cooler

Clinker Coolers remove heat from the clinker and re-use the heat to save energy. The clinker gets heated in a kiln and leaves it at high temperature of 1100 ℃. SLA Bar Display with refractory grade ceramic insulation(Probe Sub Type: HD - Heavy Duty) can sustain high temperatures and also effectively ignoring buildup.

Admittance Level Switch
level sensors for ESP and Bag Filters
ESP Filter Hoppers & Bag Filters

For controlling air pollution caused by combustion, a filteration device is used to eliminate dust and fine particles from flowing gas through a induced electrostatic charge. SLA Dot Display level sensor with XS(Extra Sturdy) rod probe , fitted with a Electro-Static Discharge Device is a proven solution.



Admittance Level Sensor
level sensors for cement storage silo
Cement Storage Silo

Manufactured cement is stored in silos before being dispatched. The cement is in form of fine powder which create dusty environment. SLA Dot Display ignores buildup of dust. Vital - Vibrating Fork level sensor, can be used without calibration.


level sensors for Gear Boxes
Gear Boxes

Gearbox contains many moving parts which are immersed in oil. The oil level should not drop after a desired level. For Point Level Switching Elixir: Vibrating Fork Level Sensor for liquids can be used. For continous monitoring of oil level MPILC or Capvel-ICT level transmitter can be used.

Level Transmitter
level sensors for Water Tanks
Water Tanks

Water tank is used to store bulk amount of water; As materials used in cement plant needs water for mixing. Water tanks need SLW to detect high and low level which prevent overflow condition.


level sensors for Bucket Elevator
Bucket Elevators

A bucket elevator is used to convey a variety of bulk materials and requires smart SSI speed limit detection to detect underspeed / Over speed and missing bucket of a conveying equipment.

Speed Control Level Switch

Customized Solutions

Waste Heat Recovery System

Waste heat recovery systems is used to recover heat from cement kiln used for drying of raw materials. Huge temperature in this unit needs customised solution of SLA Dot Display with ceramic probe and along cooling fins.



Admittance based level switch
Air Quenching Chamber

The AQC chamber is used to cool the heated item under different atmospheric conditions having cooling air and this also needs solution like SLA Dot Display with ceramic probe which has high temperature durability and reliability.



RF Admittance type level sensor
level sensors for chute jam detection
Chute Jam Detection

Chutes are a critical part of a bulk solids handling plant as it is used to transfer the material from one belt to the another belt and necessarily demand SLA Disc Probe type level instrument to detect the chute jam.

SLA-Disc Probe

Valuable Insights

RF Admittance Level Switch Probes
By Dhananjay|March 29, 2019

Level Sensor Probes

Depending on the temperature, RF admittance level switch's probe is differentiated to be used in extreme temperature applications.

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