MPILC: Liquid Level Controller and Transmitter

Item Code: MPILC

Capacitance Level Transmitter with Remote Display and Control Unit

The probe is mounted from the top of the vessel and it comprises of a sense electrode which is electrically isolated from the metallic tank by means of a suitable insulator. The sense electrode and the vessel wall serve as the two electrodes of a capacitor with the service material acting as the dielectric. A change in the material level causes a change in the dielectric, which in turn causes the value of this tank capacitor to change. An accurate measurement of this change affords an indirect measure of the level of the material in the tank.

  • Three relays for programming three levels independently
  • Programmable via 2 1/2 digit, 7-segment LED display
  • Galvanically isolated 4-20mA output for connecting to PLC
  • Built-in universal power supply: 90-260 V AC and 24 V DC
  • All parameters programmable via Five keys and Five multi-purpose LED displays
Applications of MPILC - Level Controller & Transmitter in Water Treatment Plant
Water Treatment Plant

MPILC is a perfect solution for continuously check the level in the water treatment plants.

  • Sand Filters
  • Water Reservior
Applications of MPILC - Level Controller & Transmitter in Soyabean Oil Processing
Soybean Oil Processing

In a soybean processing plant, MPILC is used in hoppers for level measurement purposes.

  • Extractor Feed Hopper
  • Solvent Extraction Plant
Applications of MPILC - Level Controller & Transmitter in Fertilizers & Pesticides
Fertilizers & Pesticides

The liquid level controller gives stable operation in a noisy environment.

  • Water Tanks
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