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India is the third-largest producer of nitrogenous fertilizers in the world which provides nutrients for the growth of plants and strengthens the soil and its fertility. It helps to improve the productivity of the agriculture field by providing necessary food chemicals to plant.


level sensors for raw feed hopper
Raw Feed Hopper

The raw material composed of highly concentrated nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is supplied to fertilizer manufacturer in large quantity that should be stored carefully. For cost-effective solution vibrating rod level sensor Vibrosonde is highly preferred.

Vibrating Rod Type Level Sensor
level sensors for buffer tank
Buffer tank

A buffer tank is a compact storage section for primary fertilizers. These tanks are generally provided where the system requires variable cooling. The fertilizers should be managed properly to ensure safety. For compact solution vibrating fork level sensor Vital will be fruitful.

level sensors for recycle bin hopper
Recycle Bin Hopper

In the screening process, oversized granules are separate out and return for recycling. These largely returned granules are crushed and stored in an isolated hopper called as recycle bin hopper. For dusty environment, Admittance level switch SLA Series will be justified solution.

Admittance Type Level Sensor
level sensors for product bin hopper
Product Bin Hopper

Resultant fertilizers are stored in separate hopper named as product bin hopper in dry conditions to ensure the security. These hoppers are also known as fertilizer bins. For adjustable sensitivity, Orbit will be beneficial.

level sensors for acid tank
Acid Tank

Highly concentrated solutions are stored under special precautions to assure safe operation. These solutions may vary according to the fertilizers manufacturing process. Elixir with halar coating is beneficial to resist corrosion and chemicals.

Vibrating Fork Type Level Sensor
level sensors for bag house hopper
Bag House hopper

The fertilizers are supplied to the market in large bags. Fertilizers are filled in these large bags with the help of packaging hopper known as bag house hopper. For packaging purposes, vibration type level switch Vital is a better option as it has fast switching feature.

Vibrating Fork Type Level Sensor

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Level Sensor for Solids
By Megha|Nov 12, 2019

Level Sensor for Solids

Various types of level instruments are used level measuring techniques to detect solid application media.

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