Level Sensors for Fertilizers & Pesticides

Fertilizers play an essential role in refill nutrients in the soil that can used by plants. Fertilizer increases production efficiency to produce more food and sapcon will contribute to these industries by supplying our enormous variety of products.


Raw Feed Hopper
Raw Feed Hopper

There are various types of fertilizers and the raw material feeded in the hopper depends on type of fertilizer produced. Mainly nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are used which is beneficial for plants. For calibration free solution SLP is highly preferred and Orbit will be a great option if you need adjustable time delay.

Vibrating Rod Type Level Sensor
Buffer Tank
Buffer Tank

The buffer tank is small as compare to other hopper and silos which is used to store the phosphorus, obtained from phosphate rock. SLA Dot Display with Probe Sub Type: Heavy Duty (HD) is recommended which caters higher temperature and for vibrating rod type level sensor SLP is desirable which consumes low power.

Admittance based Level Switch

During manufacturing of fertilizer, drying is the important part which reduce the moisture content with the help of rotary cooler and this process is subjected to high temperature. SLA Series is withstand at wide range of temperature and for continous monitoring level transmitter MPILC is suggested.

Level sensor for dryer
Recycle Bin Hopper

The oversized material is crushed and recycled to the recycle bin hopper in which it is stored and then again passed through the screen. In this place vibrating forks are not useful as the oversized granules are stuck in the fork so it can be replaced with vibrating rod Vibrosonde which is self-diagnose to errors and for ease of installations SLA Series can be useful.

Admittance Type Level Sensor
Product Bin Hopper

The product bin hopper which is now commonly known as fertilizer bin is used to store the fertilizers and other free flowing materials. Vital has no moving part which ensures longer life span and for very dusty environment SLA Bar Display is proven solution.

Coal Bunker
Coal Bunker

The coal bunker is used to store the bulk amount of coal which is used for mixing in raw material for further processing. SLA Series with full PTFE. insulation probe is well suited where as Orbit has flap action to discard clinging material.

Level Sensor for Plastic Chips
Acid Tank
Acid Tank

Generally the sulphuric acid are stored and handled in the steel storage tank for special precautions to ensure safe operation.Elixir with halar coating insulation is recommended which create a layer on metal so that the acid has no direct contact with metal. SLC Series with full PTFE insulation is better for this application.

Vibrating Fork Type Level Sensor
Bag House Hopper
Bag House

The fertilizers are supplied to market in large bags. To fill these bags with fertilizers it is first delivered to large hopper which is known as bag house hopper. SLA Dot Display is better option which can be calibrated from remote location.

Admittance Level Sensor

Help Articles

principle of Rotating Paddle Level Sensor
Rotating Paddle Level Sensor

Use orbit which has adjustable sensitivity allows working satisfactory in granular as well as in powder.


Level Sensors in Grainex Expo 2019
Grainex Expo 2019

Sapcon has participated in grainex Expo 2019 in which orbit gains attention of most people due to its rotating paddle.