Elixir-Vibrating Fork Type Level Sensor Elixir-Vibrating Fork Type Level Sensor Elixir-Vibrating Fork Type Level Sensor
Elixir- Tuning Fork Level Switch for Liquids

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A compact liquid level sensor based on the tuning fork principle is a cost-effective solution with hygienic-pipe fittings & useful for all kinds of liquids. This tuning fork level sensor is used for point level detection in storage tanks, silos and pipelines to avoid overfill & dry run conditions.
  • Fork Level Sensor with Namur Output Intrinsically Safe design Ex-ia Certified New
  • Universal Power Supply: 18 - 55V DC & 90 - 265V AC
  • Application Temperature Range : up to 200° C
  • Output: 8.2V Namur, SPDT & DPDT Relay, AS-i
  • Process Connection: Threads, Flanges and Tri-Clamp (Hygienic Connection)
  • ECTFE coated, polished & hygienic fork
  • Extendable probe length from 68 to 3000 mm
  • Certifications: Flame Proof Housing IIC, PESO, BIS, CCOE, EIL, Ex-ia
  • Price Range: INR 7000 to 35000 Validity: 6 Months
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    Operating Principle

    The working principle of tuning fork type level switch is based on tuning fork’s natural frequency measurement. A specially shaped tuning fork is continuously vibrating at its natural frequency using piezo-electric elements and detecting the changes in frequency in the presence of application media. The pressure applied on diaphragm drives the tuning fork's tines apart from each other and return to their original position when the pressure is removed. As the material level increases and comes in contact with the vibrating fork tines, the frequency of oscillation of tuning fork level switch dampens or decreases as it covered with the liquid application media. The change in frequency is detected by the microprocessor leading to a switching decision. The threshold frequency is set to match the natural frequency of tuning fork type level switch under water.


    Designed & manufactured Level Sensor in India

    Designed & Manufactured in India

    In-house Research and Development keeps pace with new age applications, outputs and standards

    versatile configurations of level sensor

    Versatile Configurations

    More than 2000 variants cover a wide range of fittings and configurations in extensive applications.

    Performance of Level Sensor in India

    Proven Performance

    Being a manufacturer of vibrating forks in India for over 35+ years, Sapcon proven itself in wide variety of industries.

    Compact Level Sensor

    Compact Size

    Compact housing & a short tuning fork level sensor takes up less inventory space and is easy to install

    Low Power Consumption

    Low Power Consumption

    Lower carbon footprint in tuning fork level switch results lower heat and longer life.

    Certification for hazardous areas for vibrating fork level sensor

    Certifications for Hazardous Areas

    Intrinsically safe vibrating tuning fork is suitable in Zone 0 hazardous area.

    Fast Switching Tuning Fork Level Switch

    Fast Switching

    The fast switching(0.8secs) feature is supportive in automated packaging machines to avoid overfill errors.

    Immune to external vibrations

    Immune to External Vibrations

    Tuning fork level switch is Immune to spurious external vibrations, any kind of material turbulence and flow.

    Independent of material's dielectric properties

    Indepedent of material's dielectric properties

    Depends only on viscosity and specific gravity of application media.


    Brewery Production Plant

    To produce high quality beer that lasts longer demands a complex production process. This increasing quality requirement needs hygienic design fittings to ensure the resultant product safety. the overall process is performed under specific environmental conditions.

    To deal with brewery's process requirements, Elixir vibrating tuning fork sensors is available with standard hygienic fittings. Additionally, laying out electrical cables saves time and cost with the AS-i bus interface.

    level measurement in Brewery Industry
    level measurement in Chemical Industry

    Chemical Plant

    Competition to sustain the performance and productivity of the chemical industry is the biggest challenge. Regular modernization demands liquid level measurement techniques that are independent of material reactions and provide rigid support throughout the process.

    Back-to-back upgrades in our liquid level sensors make them capable enough to confront any tougher situation. The ECTFE coated tuning fork sensor extends the operating life under application media involving corrosive liquids.

    Pharmaceutical Sectors

    During this COVID pandemic, pharmaceutical sectors are at their peak to provide vaccination, sanitizers and disinfectatnts throughout the world. The pressure to produce the resultant output rapidly requires reliable process sensors.

    Our fork level sensor with hygienic fittings are useful can configured with clean-in-place (CIP) fittings. The compactness of this tuning fork level sensor gives installation support in smaller mixing tanks and pipelines of process tanks.

    level measurement in Pharmaceutical Sectors

    Valuable Insights

    Vibrating Fork EIL Enlistment
    By Dhananjay|May 3, 2019

    EIL Certification

    Sapcon's vibrating fork level sensor has been enlisted with Engineers India Ltd. since 2016.

    AS-Interface for vibrating Forks
    By Megha|May 6, 2021

    As-Interface for Vibrating Forks

    Vibrating fork level sensor series is now accessible with "AS-Interface" to reduce cable complexities and save cost.

    Intrinsically safe Vibrating Fork sensor
    By Ashwin|Dec 23, 2020

    Intrinsic Safety Certification

    Fork Level Sensor "Elixir Namur" is Intrinsically Safe and can be used within a Zone 0 hazardous area.

    Download Section

    Vibrating Fork Level Sensor Datasheet

    Briefly covers a general Introduction, Applications and Basic Specs.

    Vibrating Fork Level Sensor Instruction Manual
    Instruction Manual

    Covers Detailed Specs, Installation and Operating Instructions.