Level Sensors for Chemical Plant

chemical industry uses the chemical processes and refining method to convert raw materials into a variety of products. The process of chemical industry is performed with utmost care to maintain explosion proof surroundings. Our products are furnished in such a way which can combat any hazardous situations and ensure safe operation with required specifications.


Storage Tank
Storage Tank

The chemicals are stored in cylindrical, round shape tank which is capable to hold high pressure or vaccum. As a storage tank contains high concentration chemicals which can affect the instrument. Elixir with halar coated insulation is proven solution as it is resistant to chemicals with a wide range of temperatures and SLC with Insulation Type: Full PTFE.

Capacitance based Level Switch
Glass Line HCL Reactors
Glass Line Reactors

The glass reactors are used for critical chemical processes where the corrosion resistance is most important. External jackets are used for heating and cooling purposes and also an agitator for proper mixing. Elixir with halar coating insulation is perfectly suited to this type of typical application as it is resistant to corrosion.

Tuning Fork Level Sensor

The chemical reactors are vessels in which chemical reaction takes place and usually it is jacketed to allow cooling of the reactor by filling water or other liquid in a glass container. For proper mixing of chemicals a agitator is suspended in it. For calibration free solution Elixir-T-Uni can be used.

Vibrating Fork Level Sensor

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