Level Measurement

Level measurement is the process where level sensor is used to measure the level of application media kept in Process Vessels, Storage Tanks, Silos, and Hoppers. By monitoring the level efficiently, the overflow and dry run conditions can be avoided. Control over the presence of material cuts down the expenses and enhances process efficiency. The incorporated circuit of level instrument underpins a signaling system used to trigger an alarm when the material is identified. The application of level instruments are spread over a wide extent of Industries.

Process automation industries are continuously evolving to make operations more proficient. These constantly changing technologies proposed the demand for a level detection solution in industries. To stand apart from the competition, a level sensor must be equipped with hi-tech features to deal with automation systems. Being a manufacturer of level switches and level transmitters in India for over 35 years Sapcon never compromises with quality and provides world-class level measurement solution. Sapcon will be a trustworthy partner who do not follow the "one fit to all" approach, Instead, manufacture level measuring devices based on variety of applications.

Level Measurement

Types of Level Sensor

Point Level Switch

One of the level detection method to monitor the material level at the predefined point.

Level Transmitter

Level Transmitter continuously monitors the level of application media over a certain time.

Flow Measurement

It is used to measure the movement and rate of fluid flowing through the open channel.