Think Level, Think Sapcon

Think Level, Think Sapcon

Sapcon Instruments is a leading manufacturer of level sensors and speed monitoring instruments.

Sapcon Instruments is a leading manufacturer of level sensors and speed monitoring instruments.


Sapcon's Liquid Fork Level Sensor is now Intrinsically safe!

By Megha

Elixir Namur with Flameproof and Weatherproof enclosure for explosive atmosphere applications has now been certified with Intrinsic Safety.

One of the most Compact Vibrating Fork ever

By bhavana

Our latest vibrating fork is here. It more compact, has better amplitude is still suitable for hygienic applications.

Sapcon Instruments is now an IPC Member

By Dhananjay

Announcing Sapcon's IPC membership. IPC develops practices and standards for electronics manufacturing industry.

About Us

Delivering Value with Research & Development
Delivering Value with Research & Development

10% of revenue invested annually in research to develop and upgrade level switches, level transmitters and speed monitoring instruments.

Level Sensor manufacturing
Manufacturing Level Sensors

We maintain close to a 400K BOM's and manufacture level sensors with an MOQ as small as one.

A reliable partner for process sensors

Manufacturer of Level Switches, Level Transmitters & Speed monitoring

Sapcon established itself as a best manufacturer of Vibrating Forks, RF Admittance, RF Capacitance Level Switches in India. Being a manufacturer of level sensors in India for over 35+ years, we always tries to acknowledge the real industrial sites problem while designing our level sensors.



Years of Experience




Vital: Vibrating Fork Level Switch


A vibrating fork level switch for solid application media works on tuning fork working principle. It is one of the level measuring instruments unified with fast switching feature to perform well in packaging industries.

Elixir-T-Uni: Tuning Fork Level Switch


A Compact tubular tuning fork level switch is also known as liquid level sensor is used to detect all kinds of free-flowing liquids. This EHEDG certified is fruitful level measurement solution for Pharmaceuticals, Brewery and Dairy Industries.

Orbit: Rotary Paddle Level Switch


A rotary paddle level switch is a type of level measuring device suitable for level detection in solid media. The 5-point sensitivity arrangement in these paddle switches makes it capable enough to detect lighest & heaviest application media.

Casper: Capacitance Level Switch


A capacitive level switch is based on RF capacitance working principle and used to identify powder, bulky solid, liquid and slurries. This level measuring instrument is helpful to detect conductive and non-conductive media.

Capvel-FUEL: Fuel Level Sensor


Fuel level sensor is introduced to analyze the fuel amount efficiently. This level instrument is proficient to detect fuel level in real time applications. It is now accessible with GPRS system to track the exact location of devices and enable theft protection.

Coat-Endure: Admittance Level Switch


A admittance level switch with coating immunity is a effective level measurement solution for sticky solid and liquid application media. The implementation of "Shield" in the level instrument is used to block the RF current and identify coating.


RF Admittance Level Switch

RF Admittance Working Principle

Explaination of RF admittance working principle and designing of admittance level sensor.

Admittance Level Switch in Fly Ash

Fly Ash Level Detection

Level measurement solution for challenging application such as Fly Ash in ESP Hopper.

Admittance Level Switch in WHRS

Level Sensing in WHRS

Available admittance level switches for newly introduced waste heat recovery system in cement plants.


Level Sensor in Pharmaceutical

Get a trusthworthy partner for level instruments to maintain quality and performance within the process conditions.

Level Sensor in Water Treatment Plant
Water Treatment Plant

Integration of water treatment plant with level measuring instruments makes operation effortless and efficient.

Level Sensor in Fuel Monitoring System
Fuel Monitoring System

Level measuring devices are useful to precisely measures the amount of fuel in real time applications ex. DG Sets.