Think Level, Think Sapcon

Think Level, Think Sapcon

Sapcon Instruments is a leading manufacturer of level sensors and speed monitoring instruments.

Sapcon Instruments is a leading manufacturer of level sensors and speed monitoring instruments.


Sapcon Instruments at Messe Dusseldorf Expo 2019

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Sapcon Instruments participated in Messe Dusseldorf Expo, which was held between December 12 - 14, 2019 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.


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Sapcon introduced its new product "Casper" a few months ago in the market which set new benchmark with its exceptional services.

Sapcon Instruments at Dairy Expo 2019

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Sapcon Instruments participated in Dairy Expo, which was held between October 11 and 13, 2019 at Auto Cluster Exhibition Center, Pune.

Delivering Value with Innovation

Delivering Value with Innovation

10% of revenue invested annually in research to develop and upgrade level switches, level transmitters and speed monitoring instruments.

Customized Level Sensor

We Understand Customization

We maintain close to a million BOM's and manufacture with an MOQ as small as one.

Expertise in various sectors of Level Sensor

The Sapcon Experience

Application-specific expertise, quotations with GA drawings, video guided installations further enhance the end-user's experience starting from inquiry through after-sales support.




Vibrating Fork Level Sensor

Vibrating fork level switch for free-flowing solids, granules and powders. Vital is unaffected by spurious vibrations and is independent of the application material's electrical properties.

Tuning Fork Level Sensor


Vibrating Fork Level Sensor

Compact tubular vibrating fork level switch suitable for all kinds of liquids. It is suitable for all kinds of liquids having viscosity upto 10,000 cP & density greater than or equal to 0.7gm/cc.

Admittance based Level Sensor


RF Admittance Level Sensor

Compact coat-immune admittance level switch for sticky solids, pastes and slurries. The device has been designed specially for packaging plants, where application material has a tendency to stick on the probe.

Vibrating Rod Level Switch


Vibrating Rod Level Sensor

Vibrating rod type level switch for free flowing solids and grains. It is suitable for level detection in silos, etc. where the process temperature ranges between 0 °C to +150 °C.

Level Transmitter for Vehicle Tracking System


Fuel Level Sensor

Fuel level sensor for vehicle tracking systems and DG sets. It comes with a step-by-step guide in the form of a desktop application called ’Capvel-FUEL-Connect’.

Rotary Paddle Level Sensor


Rotating Paddle Level Sensor

Stepmatic rotary paddle level switch which uses a unique stepper gear motor drive resulting in highly reliable operation in most of the powders and granular solids.

Help Articles

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Rotating Paddle Level Sensor
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It describes the designing and mechanism of rotating paddle level sensor and features provided by us.

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This article provide you the information about hygienic standards required for designing by EHEDG.

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Level Sensor for Fertilizers and Pesticides


Get variety of products with strength that work well with hard material.

Level Sensor in Brewery Production Plant


A trustworthy partner with customized solutions to meet the requirements and environmental conditions of the plant.

Level Sensor in Packaging Machines


For fast and compact level sensor needed for packaging machines you can easily rely on us to provide efficient products.