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Orbit-Lite: Rotary Paddle Level Switch for Solids

  • Input Power Supply: 230 V AC
  • Application Temperature Range: up to 200° C
  • Outputs: 1NO, 1NC 6Amp potential-free at 230 V AC
  • Switching: Single-point switching
  • Suitable for Bulk Density ≥ 0.5g/cm3
  • Probe Length Range: 100mm - 1000mm
  • Foldable paddle mechanism for ease of installation
  • Wetted Parts: Aluminum, SS-316, FKM / NBR

Continuous Manufacturing Improvement

PMI testing for level sensors

PMI testing for level sensors

Commissioning of PMI-XRF for detecting of alloys from starting right from Al-Pb.

Orbit: Rotary Paddle Level Switch

New compact Vibrating Fork ensures Hygienic Mounting

Flush mounted level sensors offer convenience in installation while ensuring hygiene and easy to clean-in-place.

Orbit: Rotary Paddle Level Switch

New Launch : AS - Interface for Vibrating Fork Level Sensors

Sapcon's vibrating fork level sensor series is now accessible with a simplified network protocol called the "AS-Interface".

New Publication

PESO Certificate

PESO Certification for Elixir: Vibrating Fork Level Sensor

Elixir : The Vibrating Fork Level Sensor from Sapcon Instruments is now PESO certified.

Rotating Paddle Level Sensor

Rotating Paddle is in-famous for the afore-mentioned mechanical wear and tear.

Level Measurement for Waste Heat Recovery Boiler

Awareness about environmental pollution and savings on cost have driven the adoption of Waste Heat Recovery Systems in the cement industry.

Manufacturer of Level Switches, Level Transmitters & Speed monitoring

Sapcon established itself as a best manufacturer of Vibrating Forks, RF Admittance, RF Capacitance Level Switches in India. Being a manufacturer of level sensors in India for over 35+ years, we always try to acknowledge the real industrial site problems while designing our level sensors.

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Delivering Value with Research & Development

10% of revenue invested annually in research to develop and upgrade level switches, level transmitters and speed monitoring instruments.

Manufacturing Level Sensors

We maintain close to a 400K BOM's and manufacture level sensors with an MOQ as small as one.