Point Level Switch

Level sensors are integrated with automation systems to manage the flow of production operations. Level sensors are also known as level instruments are considered one of the most demanding devices to ensure workplace safety and support inventory management systems. The level measuring instruments are combined with electronics circuitry to acknowledge overspill conditions which are currently known as point level sensors. The point level sensors are generally considered over continuous level transmitter as a backup process to avoid material loss. Sapcon has been manufacturing point level switches in India since its beginning and frequently improve its level measuring devices as every year passes.

Point level measurement is the process where a point level switch is used to monitor the presence of application media stored in Tanks, Containers, Silos, and Hoppers. As the name implies, point level sensors trigger an alarm at a predefined point when the material is identified. This process of level detection is known as point level detection.

Level Measurement

Categorization based on Principles

Advancement in level detection method appeal point level sensors to be classified over wide categories based on principles, output, application media, etc. The following are the list of point level sensor categorization based on an array of principles:

Vibrating Fork

A tuning fork level sensor vibrates continuously at its natural frequency and is monitored by amplitude and frequency.

Applications: Solids, Liquids, Powders, and Granules



The working principle of a capacitive level sensor is based upon measuring the capacitance value of a capacitor.

Applications: Solids, Liquids, Slurries, Powders, and Granules



The admittance level sensors is also based on capacitance measurement but have been superior with heavy build-up.

Applications: Sticky Solids, Pastes, Liquids, Slurries, and Powders


Vibrating Rod

The working principle of rod type level switch is based upon vibrating a rod at its resonant frequency by piezo-electric crystal.

Applications: Solids, Granules, and Powders


Rotating Paddle

The rotary paddle switch works on the change of moment of resistance of rotating paddle in a medium.

Applications: Solids, Granules, and Powders