Troubleshooting Video Series of Level Sensors

Sapcon Instruments - Company Profile

Sapcon is a leading manufacturer of level measurement and speed instruments. Understanding your problems and always ready with a solution, we develop customized and cost-effective international quality standard products.

Sapcon is synonymous with industrial process control and automation instruments. These include level indication related solutions and feature a broad range of level-sensing technologies such as capacitance, RF-admittance, conductivity.

Capvel-FUEL - Fuel Level Sensor

Capvel-FUEL is a compact fuel level transmitter which works on the principle of capacitance with unique features that are well-researched, well-implemented and well-tested.

It comes with a step-by-step guide in the form of a desktop application called Capvel-FUEL-Connect. Capvel-FUEL-Connect is intuitive and easy to use and can help configure and calibrate the sensor in a few button clicks.

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Coat-Endure - RF Admittance Level Switch

Coat-Endure is a microcontroller based compact coat immune admittance level limit switch. It is a compact level switch which is suitable for sticky solids, pastes and slurries.

Coat-Endure is an improvement over traditional principle of admittance. The device is specially suited for compact silos and packaging machines where material has a tendency to stick on the probe.

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Orbit-Rotating Paddle Level Sensor

Rotary paddle-type level switch is a level measuring instrument used to detect solid application media. These types of rotating paddle is suitable for level detection.

Rotary paddle level switches can be configured based on the orientation and installation requirement of an application. Parameters such as the output, installation space, sensitivity and process temperature require various configurations.

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Elixir-T-Uni: Tuning Fork Level Sensor for Liquids

A compact fork type level switch based on a tuning fork working principle with a hygienic connection is useful for all types of liquids.

It more compact, has better amplitude is still suitable for hygienic applications.

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