One of the most Compact Vibrating Fork ever

Our latest vibrating fork is here. It more compact, has better amplitude is still suitable for hygienic applications.

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One of the most Compact Vibrating Fork ever
new vibrating fork

The new vibrating fork also has design enhancements to increase amplitude output from the fork

How our new compact vibrating fork ensures hygienic mounting

One of our customers' came up with the requirement to replace another make's compact capacitance type point level switch with our vibrating forks, since our customer could not change the mounting socket at site, we initiated a design project to make our EHEDG Class I approved hygienic vibrating fork still more compact.

Hygiene is important for food and pharamaceutical industries. Flush mounted level sensors offer convenience in installation while ensuring hygiene and easy to clean-in-place.

  • Compatible mounting with point level compact sensor
  • Compatible mounting with point level

  • PEEK seal ensures that active ingredients do not come into contact with mounting threads. Clean threads help to reduce the risk of contamination.

Important Aspects of Design Considered for the new design

An interdisciplinary design approach where different engineering disciplines are fundamentally aware of the design challenges has helped us make such improvements effectively.

  • The frequency change in media of different viscosity at different switch points
  • The harmonic octaves in different vibrating modes of the tuning fork(and their interplay)
  • Overall improvement in amplitude of vibrating

Design Approaches: Interdisciplinary Design

  • FEM simulations were used to analyze several different design candidates
  • Design Approches Interdiscplinary

  • 3D Metal Printing of the tuning forks helped in evaluating the performance characteristic of a device
  • 3D Metal Printing Fork
  • Tuning and re-design our electronics to accommodate the resonance shift of the device

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