Hygienic Tri-Clamp Mounting Flush Mounted Hygienic Design Elixir-T-Uni-Tuning Fork Level Sensor
Elixir-T-Uni: Tuning Fork Level Sensor for Liquids

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A compact fork type level switch based on a tuning fork working principle with a hygienic connection is useful for all types of liquids. This kind of fork is suitable for liquid level measurement techniques in process vessels, storage tanks, silos, hoppers, and pipelines to prevent overflow & dry run conditions.
  • Power Supply: 18-30 V DC
  • Output: PNP, AS-i bus Interface
  • Application Temperature Range: Up to 150° C
  • Certified EL Class I by EHEDG
  • Enclosure: IP68 Weatherproof
  • Process connections: Threads and Tri-Clamp (Hygienic Connection)
  • Wetted parts: SS 316, SS 316L with Hygienic finish (Ra < 0.8µ)
  • Compact probe length: 68 mm, 126 mm & up to 1000 mm
  • Certifications: EHEDG
  • Price Range: INR 7000 to 11000 Validity: 6 Months
    Stock Unit: Nos

    Operating Principle

    The working principle of vibrating fork level switch is based on tuning fork’s natural frequency measurement. A specially shaped tuning fork is continuously vibrating at its natural frequency using piezo-electric elements and detecting the changes in frequency in the presence of application media. The pressure applied on diaphragm drives the tuning fork's tines apart from each other and return to their original position when the pressure is removed. As the material level increases and comes in contact with the vibrating fork tines, the frequency of oscillation of tuning fork level switch dampens or decreases as it covered with the liquid application media. The change in frequency is detected by the microprocessor leading to a switching decision. The threshold frequency is set to match the natural frequency of vibrating fork level switch under water.


    Designed & manufactured Level Sensor in India

    Designed & Manufactured in India

    In-house Research and Development keeps pace with new age applications, outputs and standards

    EHEDG certified tuning fork sensor

    EHEDG Certification

    EHEDG certified vibrating fork level switch is suitable in hygienic applications.

    Proven performance in Dairy & pharma

    Proven Performance

    Successful installations in challenging applications for dairy and pharmaceuticals processes.

    Compact tuning fork sensor

    Compact Size

    Fits fine within insulation pockets on applications silos. Helps in reducing fabrication cost.

    Hygienic finished tuning forks

    Hygienic Finish

    Surface Roughness Average of 0.8 µm for the surface of the vibrating fork level sensor bypass contamination process.

    Immune to foam build-up

    Immune to Foam Build-up

    Ignores foam build-up on tuning fork. Useful in dairy applications where foam build up is excessive.

    high temperature tuning fork sensor

    Resilient High Temperature Operation

    Suitable for applications involving bubbles, steam and material flow at 150°C.

    Service friendly connections in vibrating forks

    Service Friendly Plug-in Connection

    Industry standard valve plug-in connection, easy to install and ready to use.

    External circuit testing

    External Circuit Testing

    A simple diagnostic tool to check output connections and start diagnostics.

    CAD View

    Life of Level sensor


    Brewery Production Plant

    To maintain the taste of beer over a decade appeals stringent operational conditions with hygienic pipe fittings to avoid adulteration throughout the process. These severe environmental conditions in brewery production plants provide proper aroma and taste to the beer.

    Elixir-T-Uni fork type level switch with standard hygienic surface finish (0.8 µm) is suitable in a beer manufacturing plants to prevent contamination.

    level measurement in Brewery Industry
    level measurement in Dairy Industry

    Dairy Industry

    Dairy processing plants engage milk for a longer period to include in other processes. Continuous processing of milk in tanks requires clean-in-place(CIP) operations to restrict contagious bacterial growth. These operations demand compact liquid measuring instruments that should be fitted in small pipelines and mixing tanks.

    The compactness of our liquid level indicator makes them flexible enough to fit in small containers. The EHEDG certification is a surplus benefit to maintain the hygiene in entire operations.

    Packaging Machines

    The Food & Beverage sector is the biggest consumer of automated packaging machines followed by the pharmaceuticals sectors. The rapid growth of the packaging industry needs an automation process sensor to sense the appropriate filling of application material.

    Our vibrating or tuning fork sensors are immune to foam build-up which not only detects the foam but also provides correct switching decisions to improve process efficiency.

    level measurement in Packaging Machines

    Valuable Insights

    EHEDG certification for tuning fork level sensor
    By Dhananjay|May 3, 2019

    EHEDG Certification

    Sapcon's vibrating or tuning fork sensor are certified by EHEDG and can be used in hygienic environment.

    AS-Interface for Level Sensor
    By Megha|Jan 12, 2021

    AS-Interface for Fork Sensor

    Our level switch tuning fork series is accessible with "AS-Interface" to reduce cable complexities and save cost.

    Liquid Level Sensor
    By Megha|Sept 20, 2019

    Liquid Level Sensor

    Our liquid level indicator is used as one of the Liquid level measurement techniques to detect any liquid media.

    Download Section

    Vibrating Fork Level Sensor Datasheet

    Briefly covers a general Introduction, Applications and Basic Specs.

    Vibrating Fork Level Sensor Instruction Manual
    Instruction Manual

    Covers Detailed Specs, Installation and Operating Instructions.