Dairy Processing Plant

Dairy is one of the most demanding and top-ranking industries, which is likely to grow remarkably in the coming years driven by greater interest in nutrition. The production takes place in serious environments which require hygienic and high precision instruments. Sapcon provides solutions that are particularly designed for hygienic applications. One of Sapcon's fork level sensors, Elixir-T-Uni, also has an international certification from EHEDG.

EHEDG Certification : A first for Sapcon Instruments can help you to understand the certification and the product much better.


level sensors for raw milk storage
Raw Milk Storage

Raw milk is brought from farms to dairy plants in containers. For further processing, milk is poured into large tanks that require level transmitter Capvel-ICT for continous monitoring the level of milk in these tanks. Elixir-T-Uni can be used for reliable point level switching, even in conditions of foam buildup.


Level Transmitter for milk storage
level sensors for pasteurized milk storage
Milk Pasteurization

Pasteurization is the process in which raw milk is given heat treatment to eliminate the pathogens. For calibration-free solution, Elixir-T-Uni is an appropriate level sensor. It also features LED status indication for temperature overshoot.



Vibrating Fork Level Sensor
level sensors for CIP process
CIP Process

Clean-In-Place is the process of cleaning the interior surface of storage and processing vessels, tanks, etc. without disassembling them. This process is crucial in hygienic applications which work with water, acids and other chemicals. The process helps to eliminate the bacteria and remove other remnants sticking on the equipment walls. Elixir-T-Uni can be used in such applications owing to its compact size and smooth surface finish which allows easy cleaning.

Vibrating Fork Level Sensor
level sensors for CIP process
Butter Storage Tank

Butter is a sticky application material that can stick on the level sensor's probe and form coating. However, this coating does not affect the sensor's level measurement as the sensors for this application are designed using coating compensating algorithms. For instance, Coat Endure is immune to coating of application material. Admittance based Level Sensor

level sensors for cooling process
Jaw Cooling balance Tank

The milk is cooled to 4°C to extend its shelf life and the growth of microorganism is reduced by cooling the milk in jaw cooling balance tanks. Elixir-T-Uni comes with smooth surface finish tines that are ideal for hygienic applications.


Vibrating Fork Level Sensor

Valuable Insights

EHEDG certification for tuning fork level sensor
By Dhananjay|May 3, 2019

EHEDG Certification

Sapcon's vibrating or tuning fork sensor are certified by EHEDG and can be used in hygienic environment.

Liquid Level Sensor
By Megha|Sept 20, 2019

Liquid Level Sensor

Our liquid level indicator is used as one of the Liquid level measurement techniques to detect any liquid media.

Sapcon at Dairy Expo 2019
By Megha|Nov 11, 2019

Dairy Expo 2019

Sapcon participated in Dairy Expo, which was held between Oct 11 and 13, 2019 at Auto Cluster Exhibition Center, Pune.

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