CAPVEL_ICT- Capacitance Level Transmitter for Liquids & Slurries


Capacitance based Level Transmitter (For Conductive or Non-Conductive Liquids, Slurries, Powdered Compounds, Food Grains)

Capvel-ICT measures the capacitance between 2 terminals, the sense rod and the ground terminal. The metallic tank wall acts a ground terminal. In case of non-conductive tanks, a still well is used to provide a ground reference.

  • Low Cabling Cost
  • Automatic temperature compensation for stable output
  • Self Diagnosis
  • Internal Temperature Compensation
  • Extrapolated Calibration range (From any two points)
Applications of Capvel-ICT - Capacitance Level Sensor in Cement Manufacturing Process
Cement Manufacturing Process

In this process Capvel-ICT is used to detect the level of liquids like

  • Oil level in Gear Boxes
  • Water Tanks
  • Storage Silos
Applications of Capvel-ICT - Capacitance Level Sensor in Edible Oil

Capvel-ICT is used in distinct industries to detect the level of different types of oil.

  • Edible Oil
Applications of Capvel-ICT - Capacitance Level Sensor in Flour Mills

Capvel-ICT is also useful in level detection of powders in various mills which are as follows

  • Flour Mills
  • Rice Mills
  • Pulses Mills
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