Brewery Production Plant

The manufacturing unit which produces beer is considered as a brewery or brewing industry. The beer production increases as per consumer demands, and competition in the market. Beer manufactures in a hygienic environment at specific conditions to maintain the taste and quality.


level sensors for malt silo
Malt Silo

The production process starts with malting. The barley grains are immersed in water to encourage sprouting and spread out in a room for the germination process. The resultant barley is passed through the high-temperature kiln for drying purposes. For adhesive material, SLA Series is well suited. For a maintenance-free solution Vital will be a great choice.

Vibrating Fork Type Level Sensor
level sensors for hot water tank
Hot Water Tank

The grains are termed as malt after malting process. These malt are crushed proportionally and mixed with hot water. The water is much hotter and requires special management to used safely. Level measurement solution like Elixir is best option which has high temperature endurance.

Tuning Fork Level Sensor
level sensors for mash tun
Mash Tun

The crushed barley grains are mixed with hot water in a huge vessel known as a mash tun. The mashing process converts starch (discharged during malting) into fermentable sugar. For the hygienic environment, EHEDG certified Elixir-T-Uni is highly preferred and for longer life span Elixir is a proven solution.

Vibrating Fork Level Sensor
level sensors for lauter tun
Lauter Tun

The resultant of mashing process is a clear sugar-rich liquid known as "wort". In lautering process wort is separated from grains. Fork type level sensor Elixir with hygienic fittings will added advantage. For compact solution Elixir-T-Uni is best.

Vibrating Fork Type Level Sensor
level sensors for wort cooker
Wort Kettle

The wort is conveyed to a copper kettle called wort kettle to boil the wort with hops. This boiling process helps to extract the bitterness from hops. Use tuning fork level sensor Elixir-T-Uni for temperature up to 150°C and for low power consumption, use vibration level switch Elixir.

Vibrating Fork Level Sensor
level sensors for fermentation tank
Fermentation Tank

The hot wort is cooled and transferred for the fermentation process. The operation starts by adding special brewing agent yeast. The yeast changes the sugar into alcohol and carbon-di-oxide. The sticky material in fermentation process requires Coat-Endure type admittance level switch with build-up immunity.

Admittance based Level Sensor
level sensors for yeast storage
Yeast Storage

Yeast is responsible for the fermentation process in the beer industry which metabolizes the sugar to produce beer and release carbon-di-oxide. SLA Series will be useful for remote monitoring and for compact probe length, use Coat-Endure.

Admittance based Level Sensor
level sensors for aging tank
Aging Tank

Aging tank is also known as secondary fermentation tank. The secondary fermentation is required to sink remaining particles of yeast. For large storage section, SLC with rope arrangement is helpful.

Level Sensor for aging tank
level sensors for aging tank
Bright Beer Tank

The addition of clarifying agents helps to enhance the taste of beer and makes the beer brighter. This process takes place in small tanks. For small level measuring device, Elixir is compatible.

Vibrating Fork Type Level Sensor

Valuable Insights

EHEDG certification for tuning fork level sensor
By Dhananjay|May 3, 2019

EHEDG Certification

Sapcon's vibrating or tuning fork sensor are certified by EHEDG and can be used in hygienic environment.

Liquid Level Sensor
By Megha|Sept 20, 2019

Liquid Level Sensor

Our liquid level indicator is used as one of the Liquid level measurement techniques to detect any liquid media.

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