Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry covers the manufacturing process of medicinal drugs like syrup, tablets, capsules, etc. and the process involves accurate measurement at various stages to finish the operation which associate with strict hygienic environment.


level sensors for storage tank
Storage Tank

Storage is an essential aspect of controlling the overall process parameters. These tanks are used with level sensors to prevent overflow conditions and maintain a sterling environment.

Liquid - Elixir-T-Uni, one of the vibrating fork level sensor with hygienic finish (Ra < 0.8µ) is a ideal solution.

Solid - Free-flowing material can be easily detected by Vital. Tuning Fork Level Switch

level sensors for dosing tank
Dosing Tank

Batches are prepared with appropriate amount of material and mixed together in dosing tank for further processing.

Liquid - Syrup is viscous and creates coating which can be detected by Coat-Endure, which has build-up immunity.

Solid - Level detection with Vital would be suggested in solid material as it is calibration-free.

Admittance Level Switch
level sensors for WFI tank
Water for Injection (WFI) Tank

The water used in preparing injections is bacteria-free. Water purification method is used to eliminate impurities and prohibits micro-bacterial growth. The operation perform with a hygienic connection tank and level instruments. SLW and Elixir-T-Uni type level sensors with hygienic mountings is proven solution in the purification process.

Conductive Liquid Level Sensor/Switch
level sensors for granulation process

The granulation process depends on application media. This process includes grinding of material into finer pellets if inlet is solid and combining powder particles together by compressing to form granules. For solid applications, SLC will be helpful.

Capacitance Level Sensor
level sensors for packaging

Packaging requires fast and reliable automated packaging machines integrated with a level sensor. Each packaging machine require different level measuring devices based on peculiar requirement.

Liquid - Elixir perfectly caters level sensing for liquid material and has compact size.

Solid - Vital has fast switching feature which makes it good choice for packaging.

Vibrating fork Level Sensor

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EHEDG certification for tuning fork level sensor
By Dhananjay|May 3, 2019

EHEDG Certification

Sapcon's vibrating or tuning fork sensor are certified by EHEDG and can be used in hygienic environment.

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