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Orbit: Rotating Paddle Level Sensor/Switch for Solids

Item Code: RP

Orbit - Stepmatic Rotary Paddle Level Switch (Use in Chemical, PVC Powders, Plastic Chips, Cement etc.)
  • Application Temperature Range : up to 250° C
  • Adjustable RPM and adjustable switching sensitivity
  • Motor fault indication
  • Foldable paddle mechanism for ease of installation
  • Variable sensitivity control, one paddle for all applications
  • Direct stepper gear motor design, maintenance-free


A stepper motor is attached with spring which drives the paddle and rotates it freely in the absense of material. Two sensor are also provided with it which sense the motor action with the help of magnet and starts/stops the motor accordingly. When the material covers the paddle then the spring is streched backward and the sensor sense the movement with the help of magnet and stops the motor and when material gets empty then again spring come back to its original position and the other sensor sense the action and starts the motor so paddle rotates freely again.

  • Built-in universal power supply of 90-265 V AC and 24-55 V DC
  • Flap action to discard clinging material
  • Selectable failsafe operation
  • 2 potential free contacts with adjustable time delay
  • Rope probe available for longer lengths
Applications of Orbit - Rotating Paddle Level Sensor in Fertilizers & Pesticides
Fertilizers & Pesticides

Orbit is used with variety of materials and also it has option to set sensitivity according to material type.

  • Coal
  • Powders
  • Urea
Applications of Orbit - Rotating Paddle Level Sensor in Wooden Chips

Orbit is validate solution for such type of application materials

  • Wooden Chips
  • Plastic Chips
Applications of Orbit - Rotating Paddle Level Sensor in Pharmaceuticals

Orbit is also used for granular materials as well as for powders in pharmaceutical.

  • Capsule
  • Pills
  • Tablet
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