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Orbit: Rotating Paddle Level Sensor for Solids

Item Code: RP

Rotary paddle type level switch is a level measuring instrument used to detect solid application media. These types of rotating paddle is suitable for level detection in Storage Tanks, Bin Hoppers, and containers to avoid overspill and material loss.
  • Universal Power Supply: 90-265 V AC & 24-55 V DC
  • Application Temperature Range : up to 250° C
  • Outputs: DPDT Relay, SPDT Relay
  • Rope probe available for longer lengths
  • Adjustable RPM and adjustable switching sensitivity
  • Motor fault indication
  • Foldable paddle mechanism for ease of installation
  • 2 potential free contacts with adjustable time delay
  • Price Range: 7000 to 15000 Validity: 6 Months
    Stock Unit: Nos

Operating Principle

Rotary paddle type level switch is based on electromagnetic principle. The paddle switch works when an electric motor drives the shaft connected to the rotating paddle. The twin blades of rotating paddle rotate freely when uncovered. The electric motor is mounted on a sliding-fit rotating disc, which in-turn is connected to a spring. When rotating freely, the spring is relaxed, as the application media covers the blades of the rotating paddle level switch, the torque requirement increases, which extends spring. The spring extension is detected by position sensors, thus level of application media is detected. The power to the motor turned off. Subsequently, when the rotating paddle level sensor is uncovered, the spring ensures the motor is back to the position where motor can be powered on.


Grain Handling

Grain processing is necessary to perform cleaning operations and also to remove an array of impurities such as broken pieces from the grains. The management and handling procedure include grain elevators, feed mills, flour mills, rice mills, dust pelletizing type plants contains longer size hoppers and containers.

To deal with these types of conditions, rotary type level switches with rope probe versions can be used that are suitable for longer-length tanks and hoppers.

level measurement in Grain Handling
level measurement in Soybean Processing Plant

Soybean Processing Plant

Soybean, being an important element that added nutritional value and benefits to the health. Additionally, soybean oil is also consumed on daily basis to prepare meals. The production of soybean industries includes various operations that require highly sensitive level instruments to detect the lighter material like husk.

The rotary paddle level switch is integrated with a spring-type sensitivity arrangement to facilitate the selection of different sensitivity values as per the application media density.


Rapidly sold items at lower cost such as packaged foods, beverages, candies, cosmetics, bakery products, are included under FMCG industries. Most of the food processing undergoes operations with sticky media that has a tendency to stick on the level sensor's probe.

Rotary paddle level switch composed of foldable blades which has flap action to discard the viscous media. Furthermore, the rotating paddle has foldable blades that make installation easier.

level measurement in FMCG

Download Section

Rotating Paddle Level Sensor Datasheet

Briefly covers a general Introduction, Applications and Basic Specs.

Rotating Paddle Level Sensor Instruction Manual
Instruction Manual

Covers Detailed Specs, Installation and Operating Instructions.