Level Sensors for Soybean Oil Processing

Rapid rise in consumption of soybean oil make the soya industry more demanding. Sapcon provide level sensors for typical applications which combat any condition as this industry deals with high temperature process.


Storage Section

The process starts from removing impurities by cleaning the soybean and preparing it for dehulling. For storage section use vibrating fork type level sensor Vital which prevents overflow and also has polished tines which is ideal for hygienic applications.


Further beans are cracked into equal and small pieces by passing through corrugated roller mills and the cracked seeds are then heated to 165°F. To resist the temperature upto 250°C it is recommended to use SLA Series with Sub Probe Type: Extra Sturdy (XS) and vibrating fork Vital for point level switching.

Level Sensor for Cracking Process
Soya Flaker
Soya Flaker

The heated and cracked seeds are passed through a roller mill with smooth surface rolls to produce flakes. SLA Series with Full PTFE insulation probe is justified solution and SLC Series which has coating immunity.

Level Sensor for Soya Flaker
Drying System

The moisture content is reduced in drying process to store the material for long time. The drying process can be done in bins by blowing large volume of dry air through air. SLA Series with full PTFE insulation probe is recommended.

Level Sensor for Drying System
Solvent Extraction Plant
Extraction Plant

The process of extracting oil from soya flakes by treating it with solvent like hexane. This process consist of extractor feed hopper which need level sensor to prevent overspilling. For continous monitoring, MPILC is recommended which can be calibrated without completely filling or emptying the hopper and SLA Series with Sub Probe Type: Extra Strong can be used for point level switching.

Level sensor for Extractor Feed Hopper
Deoiled Toaster

The solvent must be removed from soya flakes and soybean oil both.To remove the remaining solvent from the soybean oil deoiled toaster is used. Sapcon provides Elefant which is specially designed for this application and has rugged design which withstand in any tough enviroment.

Level Sensor for Deoiled Toaster

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