Elefant: Level Transmitter for Deoiled-Toaster Application

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De-Oiled Toaster Level Transmitter (Specially in Soyabean Oil Extraction Plants ), With 2-1/2 Digits 7 Segment LED Indication
  • Universal Power Supply: 90-260V AC & 24 V DC
  • Application Temperature Range: Up to 150°C
  • Output Options: Galvanically Isolated 4-20mA
  • Process connections: Fixed plate mounting with rotary shaft and coupling
  • Certifications: Flame Proof IIA & IIB Housing
  • Price Range: 25000 to 35000 Validity: 6 Months
    Stock Unit: Nos

Operating Principle

Sapcon's Elefant continuous monitoring sensor works on the principle of physical movement of a float. A single shaft float is inserted in the DT chamber. This shaft, which has a counter coupling, can be connected to the shaft of the elefant probe. Due to the upward and downward movement of the float, the shaft rotates and the inner variable capacitor changes the value of the capacitance. This change in capacitance can be calculated for the evaluation unit to show the output in form of current.


Applications of Elefant - Level Transmitter in Soyabean Oil Processing
Soybean Oil Processing

Specially designed level transmitter for oil extraction in the soybean processing plant.

  • De-Oiled Toaster

Download Section

Level Transmitter for Deoiled Toaster Datasheet

Briefly covers a general Introduction, Applications and Basic Specs.

Level Transmitter for Deoiled Toaster Instruction Manual
Instruction Manual

Covers Detailed Specs, Installation and Operating Instructions.