Level Sensors for Grain Handling

The process of grain handling is associated with grain storage includes cleaning, drying, blending operations and the procedure involve during handling requires level instruments to measure the accurate level of grains in hopper, silos and bins etc.


Grain Intake
Level sensors in grain handling

Grains like wheat, rice, corn etc. are import from agriculture farm to grain handling industry where operations of grains are performed. For further operations, grains are unloaded from truck into large hoppers or silos. Orbit with adjustable sensitivity arrangement is better option where as for vibrating fork series choose Vital which has fast switching.

Rotating Paddle Level Switch
level sensors for drying process of grains

After unloading the grains from trucks it is infected with impurities like insects, small pebbles etc. Drying process involve separation of impurities by using hot air makes them use for longer. Use Vital, vibrating fork level sensor which resist high temperature up to 200°C and for continous monitoring Capvel-ICT is well suited.

Capacitance based Level Sensor
level sensors for cleaning process of grains

After completing drying method the grains are still infected with some impurities which reduce the quality of grains. This method includes the separation of grains from impurity and sorting of grains according to quality. MPILC is useful for steady level monitoring and SLC will be a effective solution.

Capacitance based Level controller and transmitter
level sensors for blending process of grains

Now the grains are pure and free from impurities and ready to use for blending process. This is the process of mixing higher moisture content grains with the lower mositure grains to achieve the ideal moisture content in grains up to 13.5%. The grains are mixed in layers. For calibration-free solution refer Vital and for ease of installation use Orbit which has foldable paddle mechanism.

Vibrating Fork Level Sensor
Bucket Elevator
level sensors for speed monitoring of bucket elevators

The grains are convey to one silo to another using various types of conveyor systems like bucket elevators, belt conveyor, drag system etc. The elevators required monitoring of speed of buckets which can be possible by SSSI which continous monitors the speed of buckets and also alarm on missing buckets.

Speed Monitoring System
Grain Storage
level sensors for grain storage

After performing all the process now the grains are ready to dispatch and usable for various industries and before its dispatch these are stored in various large storage silos where vibrating forks are convenient like Vital which is maintenance-free.

Vibrating fork Level Sensor


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