Smart SSI: Speed Monitoring and Control for Bucket Elevators in Cement and Steel Industries

Item Code: SSSI

Smart SSI - Continuous Monitoring of Speed for Bucket Elevators (Measuring Range - 2 to 3000 PPM), with Over speed, Under Speed and Missing Bucket Alarms
  • Application Temperature Range : 150° C
  • Easy to install and simple to calibrate
  • Over-speed / Under-speed alarm, field selectable, with fail-safe relay operation
  • Evaluation unit on wall mount connected via cable
  • Maximum Detection range 100 mm
  • Process connection : 4" Flange with Adjustable Mechanism
  • Certifications: IP65 Housing
  • Measuring Range 2 to 3000 Pulses / Min. (PPM)

The sensor works on the principle of reluctance. Whenever the motion detection sensor detects a ferromagnetic target, a signal in the form of a pulse is given to the microprocessor (in the evaluation unit). The microprocessor evaluates the time between consecutive pulses and converts it into ppm (objects per minute). When the speed becomes less than the programmed 'underspeed-A' value, underspeed-A relay changes the state. When the system rotates at a constant speed, the time gap between two consecutive pulses remains constant. Now, if an object (and hence pulse) is missed, this time gap increases. This is sensed by the microprocessor and it operates the missing object relay. The relay outrput contacts can in turn be used for signaling or controlling. Flashing LED in the preamplifier indicates that the moving target is within the sensing range and facilitates target-to-detector distance setting.

  • Galvanically isolated 4-20mA transmission output
  • Display latches after detecting underspeed-A condition
  • Accurate pulse rate evaluation with optimum response
  • Programmable set point and switching hysteresis
  • Rugged motion-detector probe for heavy industries
  • Works reliably in dusty environments
Applications of SSSI - Speed Monitoring System in Cement Plant
Cement Manufacturing Process

SSSI is used to detect the missing buckets and speed of bucket elevators in the cement manufacturing process.

  • Bucket Elevators
Applications of SSSI - Speed Monitoring System in Steel & Metullargy Process
Steel & Metullargy Process

Same as cement manufacturing process SSSI is also used in steel & metallurgy process to monitor the speed of buckets.

  • Bucket Elevators
Speed Monitoring System Datasheet

Briefly covers a general Introduction, Applications and Basic Specs.

Speed Monitoring System Instruction Manual
Instruction Manual

Covers Detailed Specs, Installation and Operating Instructions.