Water Treatment Plant

Water gets contaminated through chemicals and bacteria in a direct and indirect way that is dangerous to human health. Sewage treatment plant also introduced as wastewater treatment is a process used to remove toxins from industrial wastewater and produce effluent water for public use. Level measurement is also essential throughout the process for efficient monitoring and control of water treatment cycle.


level sensors in sand filter or filter bed
Sand Filter or Filter Bed

The filter bed is used to treat waste groundwater by removing maganese and iron dirt particles. The wastewater flows through layer of sand to filter these sinkable particles. The differential level of waste and clean water will be calculated by level transmitter MPLOH.

Differential Level Transmitter
level sensors in open channel
Open Channel

The wastewater arrived through open channel ducts need flow measurement to monitor and control the flow. The in-built weir selection feature of MPROF allows a better implementation to measure flow rate and speed up the process with accuracy.

Open Channel Flow Measurement
Level sensors for sludge tank
Sludge Tank

Sludge is a by-product formed by the remaining part of solid material in the sewage treatment plant. Sludge maybe in the form of solid, semisolid and slurry. To continuously measure the sludge, MPILC will be used.

Liquid level Controller
Level sensors for sludge tank
Surge Tank

Surge tank is a storage reservoir used to alleviate excess pressure force. These tanks can be used for raw water, wastewater and sludge storage. The pressure level transmitter Stellar will be fruitful solution.

Pressure Level transmitter
Level sensors for sludge tank
Water Reservoir

The raw water stored in a large reservoir before starting the effluent water process. This reservoir gives constant water supply to the water treatment plant which requires MPILC type liquid level controller to continuously monitoring.

Liquid level Controller

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