Level Sensors for Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant is a multi-stage process which covers the mechanism to treat water that have been infected in some way by reducing their concentration so that then it becomes fit for its desired end-user. 35+ years of experience help us to improve our manufacturing process and design so that we come with solution that perfectly caters industries with high precision.


Sand Filters
Sand Filters

Sand filters are used to remove unwanted matter and sinkable particles. The water flows through a fine bed of sand. The MPLOH calculates the difference between two heads where as MPROF measures the rate of flow.

Differential Level Transmitter
Intake Open Channel
Open Channel

The open channel flow is duct which is not completely enclosed by boundries e.g. rivers, canals, streams etc. MPROF is perfectly adapted for this application as it gives error free reading for various selected weir types.

Open Channel Flow Measurement
Clean Water Reservoir
Water Reservoir

Reservoir is a open storage area where water is accumulated in a bulk quantity. Reservoir needs continous monitoring to check level of water and for continous monitoring use MPILC which maintain a constant level to avoid wastage.

Capacitance Level Controller

Help Articles

principle of capacitance level sensor
RF Capacitance Principle

This article helps to guide about the principle behind rf admittance level sensor and also gives designing principle of admittance based level sensor.

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