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  • Power Supply: 18-30 V DC
  • Output: PNP, AS-i bus Interface
  • Application Temperature Range: Up to 150° C
  • Certified EL Class I by EHEDG
  • Enclosure: IP68 Weatherproof
  • Process connections: Threads and Tri-Clamp (Hygienic Connection)
  • Wetted parts: SS 316, SS 316L with Hygienic finish (Ra < 0.8µ)
  • Compact probe length: 68 mm, 126 mm & up to 1000 mm
  • Continuous Manufacturing Improvement

    PMI testing for level sensors

    PMI testing for level sensors

    Commissioning of PMI-XRF for detecting of alloys from starting right from Al-Pb.

    Scan QR Code and Level Sensor

    Everything by directly scanning QR code with level sensor's sticker.

    Orbit: Rotary Paddle Level Switch

    Sapcon's Automatic Welding Machine

    Automatic welding has been utilized for increase productivity by automating production.

    New Publication

    sapcon terminal

    Sapcon Terminal

    Publishing Sapcon-Terminal our cross-platform open-source tool for communication and logging with serial devices.

    Compact Vibrating Fork ever

    Our latest vibrating fork is here. It more compact, has better amplitude is still suitable for hygienic applications.

    intrinsic safety coat endure

    Intrinsically safe!

    coat-Endure and Casper Namur for explosive atmosphere applications have now been certified with Intrinsic Safety.

    Manufacturer of Level Switches, Level Transmitters & Speed monitoring

    Sapcon established itself as a best manufacturer of Vibrating Forks, RF Admittance, RF Capacitance Level Switches in India. Being a manufacturer of level sensors in India for over 39+ years, we always tries to acknowledge the real industrial sites problem while designing our level sensors.

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    40+ Years Of Experience

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    15000+ Clients

    About Us

    Delivering Value with Research & Development

    10% of revenue invested annually in research to develop and upgrade level switches, level transmitters and speed monitoring instruments.

    Manufacturing Level Sensors

    We maintain close to a 400K BOM's and manufacture level sensors with an MOQ as small as one.