Level Sensors for Man-made Fibre Industry

The main element from which man made fibre is produced is the polymer. The industry is developed tremedously as consumption of fibre increases for making clothes etc. Our solution is available for various stages of manufacturing process of fibre which withstand in any condition.


Storage Chip Silo
POY Chips

The chips are stored in the godowns under some specific conditions for further production process which consist of chip hopper, chip silo and other small storage silo. For vibrating fork series Vital and SLM can be used which are calibration free. For coating immunity SLA Series is well suited.

Wet Chips Hopper

After entering into the storage chip silo, the chips are convey to the small hopper. The small hopper is connected to the conveying pipes which forces the chips to enter into the wet chips hopper with the support of blowers. As the wet chips are stick to the level sensor probe so SLA Series is advised to use as it is immune to coating of application material.

Level Sensor for Wet Chips Hopper
Drying Hopper

The drying hopper dries the material chips by heated dry air. The chips are fed at the top of the hopper then it moves slowly to the bottom at the same time the dry air travelling from bottom to top and moisture dispersed inside the chips and thus drying the chips. For independent pump control action MPILC is a convenient solution.

Level sensor for Dryer in Polyester Chips
Dry Chips Hopper

After drying chips into the drying hopper, it should be stored in the separate hopper known as dry chips hopper from where it is convey to the extruder. The dry chips can be detected easily and Orbit has adjustable switching sensitivity which can be changed according to material.

Level Sensor for Plastic Chips
Spin Finish Tank
Lauter Tun

The dried chips are melted at 270℃ to make a liquid solution then the syrup like solution is fed into the container called spinneret and an external force is applied to its tiny holes which are usually circle or may be changed to other shapes to produce fibre. SLC is immune to build-up and Elixir ensures longer life span.

Capacitance based Level Switch
Buffer Tank

The Buffer tank is small storage medium in which 2-3 material is mix in a appropriate proportion. As the tank is small in size so Elixir is a justified solution which is available in a shoter probe length suitable for compact tanks.

Vibrating Fork Type Level Sensor
Raw Water Tank
Water Tank

The purpose of raw water tank is to store the water for further manufacturing process. The water tank need high and low level detection to prevent from overflow. For longer connectivity between sensor and probe SLW is useful. For compact size instrument Elixir is justified solution.

Conductivity based Level Sensor
Under Water Chips

The resultant fibre coming from spin finish tank is hot and for cooling the fibre it is fed into the under water tank. Vital is validate solution as it has fast switching time and SLM is maintenance-free.

Tuning Fork for Under Water Chip Detection

Help Articles

Vibrating Fork Level Sensor
Vibrating Fork Level Sensor

The vibrating forks works efficiently in man-made fibre industries so have a look to this article which gives detailed information about forks.

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