SLM: Vibrating Fork Level Sensor
SLM: Vibrating Fork Level Sensor

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Vibrating Fork Level Limit Switch for free flowing Solids, Granules and Powders
  • Universal Power Supply: 18-55V DC and 90-265V AC
  • Application Temperature Range : up to 250°C
  • Output Options: 1/2 SPDT Relay
  • Process Connections: Screwed Thread & Flanges
  • Calibration Free, Independent of Materials Di-electric Properties
  • No moving parts longer running life
  • Certifications: Flameproof Housing IIA & IIB
  • Price Range: INR 7000 to 20000 Validity: 6 Months
    Stock Unit: Nos

Operating Principle

A specially shaped tuning fork is kept vibrating using piezo-electric elements. The oscillation of the fork damps when in contact with the material. The loss of oscillation amplitude is detected and used for switching a relay. The output contacts of the relay are in turn used for annunciation or control.


Applications of SLM-Vibrating Fork Level Sensor in Brewery Production Plant
Brewery Production Plant

In the brewery industry, raw materials require vibrating forks for level detection purposes.

  • Barley Grains
  • Hops
  • Mash Tun
Applications of SLM-Vibrating Fork Level Sensor in Man-made Fibre
Man-Made Fibre

These small and light-weight PET chips can be detected with the help of a vibration type level switch.

  • Plastic Chips
  • PVC Chips
Applications of SLM - Vibrating Fork Level sensors in Grains
Grain Handling

Calibration-free vibrating fork level switch can be used to detect free-flowing grains.

  • Pulses
  • Rice
  • Wheat
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Vibrating Fork Level Sensor Datasheet

Briefly covers a general Introduction, Applications and Basic Specs.

Vibrating Fork Level Sensor Instruction Manual
Instruction Manual

Covers Detailed Specs, Installation and Operating Instructions.