Level Sensors for Poultry and Cattle Feed

Feed refers to food specially for animals like cattle, poultry, fish etc. which includes mixture of pelleted feed, maize, molasses, sprouted grains etc. Our level instruments are designed in such a way that it will furnished all the requirement need to detect level in such type of applications.


Raw material Storage
Level sensors in poultry & cattle feed

Ingredients associated with the poultry and cattle feed are wheat bran, rice bran, molasses, maize, cottonseed, mineral mixture etc. are processed and stored in hoppers for further processing. The selection of ingredients depends upon the requirement of application. For calibration-free solution Vital is suitable where as for maintenance-free solution Orbit is best.

Rotating Paddle Level Switch
Intake & Cleaning
level sensors for storage hopper

These raw materials are now fed into the hoppers as per batch requirement and size. The batch is then passed through a magnet to split from ferrous impurities and jute twine remover to remove other raw plastics materials from it. Use Vital, vibrating fork level sensor which has longer runner life and for continous monitoring Capvel-ICT is satisfactory.

Capacitance based Level Sensor
Grinding & Mixing
level sensors for grinding & mixing process in poultry & cattle feed

The batch is deliver to the grinding hopper and a grinder is enter via feeder which ensures that no two batches are mixed together. Grinder crushed the material into the powder form and then resultant material is entered into the mixing section which mix entire batches together. SLA Series has coating immunity which detects the difference between coating and real material.

Admittance Level Sensor
level sensors for mollasifying process in poultry & cattle feed

In the mollasifying section, some amount of molasses is added from the pre heated storage tank through a operated pump which makes the material wet and sticky. To detect sticky and viscous material Coat-Endure is fruitful solution.

Admittance Level Sensor
level sensors for Pellets in poultry & cattle feed

Wet steam is provided for conditioning the material which improves material quality and then the material is compressed and then force out from a die of 6-10mm of pellets. For vibrating fork level sensor choose Vital which handle high temperature up to 200°C.

Vibrating Fork level sensor
Screening & packaging
level sensors for grain storage

After furnished all process pellets are cooled and convey to vibratory strainer for correct pellet sizing. The final product is stored in the large silos to being dispatch. Vital is effective solution as it has fast switching option perfect for packaging solutions where as for vibrating rod level sensor Vibrosonde is profitable.

Vibrating Rod Level Sensor

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