SLC Tri_Point-Level Sensor/Switch for Non-sticky Slurries

Item Code: SLC_T

  • SLC Tri_Point - Capacitance Type Level Limit Switch
  • Application Temperature Range : Up to 350° C
  • Wetted parts PTFE, Ceramic, SS 304 & SS 316
  • Rod & rope type probe
  • Process Connection : Screwed , Flange & Tri-Clamp
  • Certifications: Flame Proof IIA, IIB & IP65 Housing
  • Probe length 100 mm to 10m

The probe comprises of a sense electrode, electrically isolated from the metallic tank by means of a suitable insulator. The sense electrode and the vessel wall serve as the two electrodes of a capacitor with the service material acting as the dielectric. A change in the level of material causes a change in the dielectric, which in turn causes the value of this tank capacitor to change.

  • Power Consumption – Less 05 VA
  • Power Supply: 24 V DC, 110 V AC, 220 V AC, 230 V AC
  • Outputs options: PNP, open collector output
  • High temperature probe suitable up to 130 Deg C
  • System fault indication for added reliability
  • Compact size, easy to install
  • Customized mounting sizes like threading and Tri-clamp arrangement
  • Coating immunity, work even in conductive coatings
  • High temperature durability
  • Ignores build-up of material on vessel wall
Datasheet Instruction Manual