Level Sensors for Foundry & Casting Plants

The Foundry industry involves casting of metals in various shapes by melting them into liquid and pouring them into a mold. As this industry deals with the strict enviroment which involves high temperature. Our instruments is favourable in all typical applications where high temperature is basic need.


New Sand Hopper
Sand Hopper

The sand preparation is an important part of the foundry. The new sand is mixed with additives like bentonite, coal dust etc. is passed through a two way chute to mixer shell with the help of batch hopper. SLA Series with Probe Sub Type: Extra Strong with full PTFE insulation is recommended and for tuning fork type level sensor use Vital which is calibration free.

Tuning Fork for sand storage
Additive Hopper
Additive Silo

The additive material like bentonite, coal dust etc. are stored in the additive hopper. There is a conveyor below the hopper to discharge the sand to the feeder belt conveyor from which it is passed to two way chute. MPILC is the convenient solution as it can calibrate without completely filling and emptying the tank and for high durability and reliability SLA Series is suggested.

Level sensor for Dryer in Polyester Chips
Return Sand Hopper

The sand discharged in a homogeneous proportion is supplied to the feeder belt conveyor from which it is passed to two way chute. The remaining sand from moulding is return back to the hopper with the help of conveyor that's why it is known as return sand hopper. SLA Series with full PTFE insulation probe is recommended.

Level Sensor for Wet Chips Hopper
Moulding Sand Hopper

The moulding sand hopper contains the sand with some moisture as some amount of water is quiched to wet the sand. Coat-Endure with Part PTFE insulation is better option as it has coating immunity.

Admittance based Level Sensor
Help Articles
principle of admittance level sensor
RF Admittance Principle

This article compares two principles and provides the designing concept of both the level sensors which helps in various industries.

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