Capvel-FUEL: Level Sensor/Transmitter for remote tracking of fuel
Capvel-FUEL: Level Sensor/Transmitter for remote tracking of fuel

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Fuel Level Sensor (use for vehicle tracking systems and DG sets)
  • Application Temperature Range : 20 to 70°C
  • Convenient Outputs for Remote Monitoring Systems
  • On-site Adjustable Probe Length
  • In-built level to volume conversion
  • Application guided installation and calibration
  • Light in weight
  • Compatible with Analog Fuel Gauge Meters
  • Special algorithm for compensating turbulence and temperature drift
  • Save and Reuse Tank Configuration Profiles
  • Probe length: 100 mm to 1500 mm
  • Certifications : Flame Proof IIC & IP68 Housing
  • Price Range: INR 7000 to 11000 Validity: 6 Months
    Stock Unit: Nos

Operating Principle

Capvel-FUEL measures fuel level using the principle of capacitance. The sense rod and the metallic wall of still tube of the sensor form the two plates of a capacitor. The application material (diesel) forms the dielectric between these plates. The amount of capacitance formed is proportional to the level of diesel between the plates. It utilizes a specially developed capacitance change gauging circuit to measure any change in the level of fuel. Translation of level from capacitance is done according to the calibrating point of the probe. It uses a fast microcontroller to evaluate the level of material in the tank in different formats such as level in milli-meters, percentage and volume of fuel in milli-litres. The sensor also contains built-in algorithms for temperature drift and turbulence compensation.


Applications of Capvel-FUEL - capacitance based level transmitter in Fuel monitoring systems
Fuel Monitoring Systems

The Capvel-FUEL is used in fuel industry for fuel monitoring of following application.

  • Fuel Storage Tank
  • DG Sets
  • Vehicle Tracking System


Fuel Level Sensor Installation
By Megha|May 30, 2019

Capvel-FUEL Playlist

View the video playlist of fuel level sensor to install and calibrate this level instrument easily.

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Volumetric Fuel Level Sensor Instruction Manual
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