Capvel-FUEL: Level Sensor/Transmitter for remote tracking of fuel

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Fuel Level Sensor (use for vehicle tracking systems and DG sets)
  • Application Temperature Range : 20 to 70°C
  • In-built level to volume conversion
  • Application guided installation and calibration
  • Light in weight
  • Wetted Parts: PTFE, Delrin & Aluminium
  • Measurement accuracy : +/­ 1% FSL
  • Response time : 1 to 5s (dynamic) 
  • Process connections : SAE 5 mounting holes & 1″ BSP thread
  • Probe length : 100 mm to 1500 mm, 
  • Certifications : Flame Proof IIC & IP68 Housing

Capvel-FUEL measures fuel level using the principle of capacitance. The sense rod and the metallic wall of still tube of the sensor form the two plates of a capacitor. The application material (diesel) forms the dielectric between these plates. The amount of capacitance formed is proportional to the level of diesel between the plates. Capvel-FUEL utilizes a specially developed capacitance change gauging circuit to measure any change in the level of fuel.

  • Save and Reuse Tank Configuration Profiles
  • On-site Adjustable Probe Length
  • Compatible with Analog Fuel Gauge Meters
  • Special algorithm for compensating turbulence and temperature drift
  • Convenient Outputs for Remote Monitoring Systems
Applications of Capvel-FUEL - capacitance based level transmitter in Fuel monitoring systems
Fuel Monitoring Systems

The Capvel-FUEL is used in fuel industry for fuel monitoring of following application.

  • Fuel Storage Tank
  • DG Sets
  • Vehicle Tracking System
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