By Megha Parolkar on October 21, 2019


Fuel monitoring is an integral part of sectors like fleet management, vehicle tracking, etc. and helps in optimizing operational costs, managing assets efficiently. Fuel monitoring is essential to improve profitability . IOT based Capvel-FUEL Gateway is designed to make fuel monitoring smooth and easily accessible. The gateway smoothly integrated with the fuel level sensor and sends the data from sensor to the cloud along with its gps location.

Fuel tracking Device for trucks and DG Sets


  • Sends debug messages regularly along with other information such as battery voltage and signal strength which makes it easy to ensure health of device.
  • Get immediate alarm text message notifications to the user
  • Uses Modbus-RTU which allows to add 2-3 devices
  • Vehicle Tracking with fuel theft protection
  • Battery Backup - 4-8 Hours

Fuel Performance

The Capvel-FUEL Gateway accumulate information about fuel consumption from Capvel-FUEL level sensor installed in the vehicle's fuel container or DG-Sets fuel container. These collected valuable insights would be transferred to the cloud server from where it will be visible to user via mobile application. The user monitors the data and refill the fuel tank if the fuel container were empty. The performance of fuel will be easily understand with the help of graphical representation.

Graphical representation of Fuel Performance
Fuel Consumption in Graphical Form

Updates in every certain period about the fuel consumption so that user get to know about when and how much fuel is drained from the container.

Parameter available in Modbus-RTU

  1. Fuel Volume
  2. Fuel Percentage
  3. Fuel Level

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