Level Sensors in Kanpur, India

Kanpur Zoological Park
Place: Kanpur Zoological Park, Author: Mikudavidson, Source:Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International


Kanpur also known as Cawnpore, is the largest city of the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. In 1207, Raja Kanh Deo of the Kanhpuria clan established the village of Kanhpur, which later came to be known as Kanpur. It stands as the major financial and industrial centre of North India. The city is famous for its leather and textile industries. List of famous places of Kanpur:

  • Nana Rao Park
  • Japani Garden
  • Moti Jheel
  • JK Temple

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Admittance Level Switch

SLA Dot Display

Admittance Level Switch

It works on RF Admittance working principle and have coating immunity to ignore build-up on the level sensor probe.

Capacitive Level Transmitter


Capacitive Level Transmitter

A capacitance level transmitter based on RF Capacitance working principle suitable for level detection in liquid and slurries.

Liquid Level Controller


Liquid Level Controller

A capacitance based level transmitter used to monitor the level of liquid application media using remote display and control unit.