Level Sensors in Ahmednagar, India

Meher Baba Samadhi Ahmednagar
Place: Samadhi (tomb-shrine) of Meher Baba, Author: Win Coates, Source:Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported


Ahmednagar is a city in Ahmednagar district in the state of Maharashtra. It takes its name from Ahmad Nizam Shah I, who founded the town in 1494. It is home to 19 sugar factories and is also the birthplace of the cooperative movement. It has its share of temple; the uniqueness of these temple however lies in their age. List of famous places of Ahmednagar:

  • Ahmednagar Fort
  • Meher Baba
  • Shirdi
  • Shani Shingnapur

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Admittance Level Switch

SLA Dot Display

Admittance Level Switch

It works on RF Admittance working principle and have coating immunity to ignore build-up on the level sensor probe.

Capacitive Level Switch


Capacitive Level Switch

A capacitance level switch based on RF Capacitance working principle suitable for level detection in solid and liquid media.

Rotating Paddle Level Switch


Rotating Paddle Level Switch

A compact level instruments used to detect solid application media using 5-point spring arrangement to detect lightest media.