The cross-reference provides equivalent of another manufacturer's products whose features and working principles are the same as compare to our products. This reference will be beneficial to get a cost-effective level measurement solution with high-quality standard.

How to use the Cross-reference Table

The cross-reference table will give idea about list of level sensors which can be used in place of other manufacturer's level instruments. Before procuring this level measurement solution, firstly understand how to get the right one. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Select the product of other company from the list.
  • The reference product is given in same row.
  • Select the item code with given parameter to match with another manufacturer's product.
  • While selecting the item code, choose parameter showing dash(-) according to requirement and include other parameter given below as per specification from our standard order coding chart.
    1. Type
    2. Indication
    3. Cable Entry
    4. Output
    5. Power Supply
    6. Mounting
    7. Operating Temperature
Product Reference Item Code
Name Type Enclosure Insulation Finish Extension Material Temperature Probe Length
Soliphant FTM50 Vital Vital I FP2C - FB - - 1.35H
Soliphant FTM51 Vital I FP2C - FB ES6 - 2.5H30H
Soliphant FTM20 Vibrosonde VS I SCUTE6 - - - - 2.55H
Soliphant FTM21 VS I SCUTE6 - - ES6 - 3H30H
Liquiphant FTL50 Elixir Elixir I FP2C - - - - 0.68H
Liquiphant FTL50H Elixir I FP2C - FB ES6 - -
Liquiphant FTL51C Elixir I FP2C CHLR - ES6 - -
Liquiphant FTL51H Elixir I FP2C - FB ES6 - -
Liquiphant FTL30 Elixir I FP2C - - - 20T -
Liquiphant FTL31 Elixir I FP2C - - ES6 20T -
Liquiphant FTL80 Elixir I FP2C - - - - -
Liquiphant FTL81 Elixir I FP2C - - ES6 - 2H30H
Liquiphant FTL85 Elixir I FP2C CHLR - - - 2H30H
Liquiphant FTL31 Elixir-T-Uni ETU I PHS6 - HB - - 0.68H
Liquiphant FTL33 ETU I PHS6 - HG - - 0.68H