Level Sensors manufactured by Sapcon Instruments are being supplied in a variety of process manufacturing industries. Starting with supplying level instruments for Cement manufacturing plants in the year 1983.
Sapcon Instruments is a now recognized brand in Cement, Steel, Pharmaceuticals, Dairy, Brewery,Fertilizers and Chemical manufacturing and processing plants.
Packaging Plants and Remote Real-Time Fuel Monitoring Systems are verticals where level sensors are being installed by OEM.

Industry wise application use and recommendations can be found in the list below. Each page explains in brief each operating process and Sapcon's recommendation, it is an ideal read for an industry consultant looking to buy level instruments.

  1. Cement Manufacturing Plant
  2. Soyabean Oil Processing Plant
  3. Fertilizer Manufacturing Plant
  4. Dairy Processing Plant
  5. Steel and Metallurgy Related Industries
  6. Brewery Production Plant
  7. Foundry
  8. Remote Fuel Monitoring
  9. Textiles and Man-Made Fibre
  10. Chemical Industries
  11. Water and Effluent Treatment Plants
  12. FMCG: Packaging Machines