SSSI – Smart SSI Speed Limit Switch

Admittance Type

Sapcon Instruments SLA Series Admittance Level Switch

SLA Series Admittance Level Switch

Sapcon's SLA Series Admittance Level Switch consists of an evaluation unit, an electronic insert and a probe. The probe is mounted either from top or side of the vessel. The probe comprises of sense, shield electrode electrically isolated from the…

Compact Admittance type Level Switch

Coat-Endure-T – Compact Switch For Sticky Media

Coat-Endure-T is an innovation resulting from the success of Coat-Endure and an unmet need of a compact coating immune admittance based level switch. Whereas compact vibrating forks for liquids have proven to be very successful for space constrained silos; slurries…

Sapcon's SLA..M/B Admittance Level Switch specializes in level limit detection of fine, coarse, solids of low dielectric constant that otherwise have a tendency to stick, coat and develop static charge at high vessel temperatures. The sensor is also ideal for applications dealing with bulk material handling.

SLA..M / B Admittance Level Switch

Sapcon's SLA..M/B Admittance Level Switch utilizes specially designed Immuno Coat Probe. It offers a reliable solution to level detection problems which have been so far difficult to solve with Capacitance-type systems that used conventional probes.Applications of SLA..M/B Admittance Level SwitchThe…

Coat-Endure, coat-immune Admittance Level Switch by Sapcon Instruments

Coat-Endure – for Sticky Media

Coat-Endure is a microcontroller based compact coat-immune admittance level switch. It is suitable for sticky solids and pastes. The device has been designed for compact silos and packaging machines where material has tendency to stick on the probe.Mounting Arrangement for…