Vibration Testing Certification for Vibrating Fork Level Sensor

Vibrating Fork Level Sensor has been passed IEC 60068-2-64 Vibration Test certification successfully.

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Covid-19 has not stopped us from making improvements to our products. The latest successful improvement is qualifying our Tuning fork level sensor under conditions of external vibrations.

About Vibration Test

The vibration test is carried out to inspect the response of vibrating fork level sensor in defined vibration environment. The measured response is expected to be in functional condition in vibration environment at different resonant frequencies. It ensures the capability of the vibrating fork level sensor to resist loads under random vibration conditions along with electronics. These vibrations can be generally caused by process conditions like agitators or pneumatic hammers. It also detects the problem of stress effect and mechanical weakness during vibrations.

This certificate addition in vibrating fork level sensor allows its usage in applications where the level sensor may experience vibration.

Vibration Test Certificate: Click Here

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Jay Naidoo 2 years ago

Hi, I would appreciate some advice on the use of a tuning fork in a bagasse chute ( sugar cane)