A new normal life at Sapcon Instruments

After returning from a few days break, we resumed our operations by taking additional safety precautions to reduce the effect of COVID-19.

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As per government policy, we are actively taking responsibility to reduce the risk of coronavirus by effectively following the safety precautions against COVID-19. Health and safety will always remain our top priority and to contribute to this pandemic we are moving forward by keeping strict adherence to social distancing.

At sapcon, the health and safety of staff always remain on top priority and we assure that these parameters are not compromised and our directors continuously stay updated about COVID-19 and change the policies on a regular basis. We are taking some proactive steps to tackle the virus which includes:

  • Our designers prepared guidelines named "COVID-Documents" as per government regulations.
  • Our head of departments continuously monitors the situation and take actions accordingly.
  • Sapcon provides a personal hygiene kit to all staff and properly following the guidelines like measuring the temperature of staff, sanitizing each department, social distancing, and handwash on a regular basis.
  • We are operating our manufacturing with utmost care by sanitize our instruments.
  • Our dedicated staff also support us at every step which makes us feel safe.

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