Sapcon Instruments is now an IPC Member

Announcing Sapcon's IPC membership. IPC develops practices and standards for electronics manufacturing industry.

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Improving Electronics Manufacturing Quality

Sapcon Instruments is amongst few companies that designs, manufactures its own electronics products.

Electronics manufacturing is a huge logistical exercise, involving imports, local transport, and tooling. Membership with IPC will provide us access to global standards for manufacturing electronics, by incorporating procedural changes and pieces of training for our workforce.

About IPC Standards :

Acceptability of raw material components, and finished electronics are some aspects that are directly related to quality improvement. Other standards also cover procedural details of operations like soldering, testing, and cleaning the electronics assemblies.

Training our workforce:

IPC membership will also help provide training to our workforce which will improve quality and consistency.

Dhananjay Palshikar

Manger, Research and Development @ Sapcon Instruments

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