VITAL- Vibrating Fork Level Sensor/Switch for Solids

 Compact vibrating fork level switch for free-flowing solids, granules and powders

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ELIXIR- Tuning Fork Level Sensor/Switch for Liquids

Elixir-Liquid Level Switch for sticky, corrosive, agitated, splashing, foaming liquids, suitable for liquids with viscosity up to 10,000 cp

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Elixir-T-Uni: Vibrating Fork Type Level Sensor for Liquids in Hygienic Applications

Elixir-T-Uni-Compact Tubular Vibrating Fork Level Limit Switch (suitable for all kinds of liquids having viscosity up to 10,000 cp & density greater than or equal to 0.7gm/cc)

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SLM: Vibrating Fork Level Sensor

Vibrating Fork Level Limit Switch for free flowing Solids, Granules and Powders
  • Application Temperature Range : up to 250° C
  • Calibration Free, Independent of Materials Di-electric Properties
  • No moving parts longer running life
  • Certifications: Flame Proof Housing IIA & IIB

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