Sapcon Company Profile Video – Defining our Being

24 February 2017 by admin
Sapcon Company Profile Video

Sapcon Company Profile Video showcases all that goes into making Sapcon a trusted brand

We have come a long way in these 32 years of being. These years were made beautiful by the continued support we have been receiving from all of you – our employees, vendors, clients, channel partners and stakeholders. Investing not just time, money and effort, we have devoted our second generation to this company. This is to say that we are here “Since and For Long…”. This fact is further bolstered by our vendors and channel partners whose second generations have joined us in making this journey even more beautiful. Sapcon company profile video is a short walk-through that defines our being.

 We believe in selling experiences and giving solutions. ‘The Sapcon Experience’ endeavors to provide a smooth journey to its customer, starting from a simple inquiry traversing through product selection, sale, installation and precise after­-sales. The values we add to our services such as the Sapcon Support Center, in-house developed automated GA drawing software and installation guides and videos are aimed at making the journey from inquiry through order even better. Sapcon company profile video showcases all such USP’s of Sapcon that make it a trusted brand.

Our innovative approach of solution based engineering ensures the strong relationship with our dealers. Sapcon being a talented team of staff and channel partners, aims to reach out across and beyond the country. A global oriented work culture and gratitude towards our dealers shows our symbolic presence in the heart of our customer. Dedicated staff that is at your service 7 days a week, prompt response to the customers, better delivery solutions, fulfilling socio and economical environmental responsibilities further help us in achieving our goals.

We are proud manufacturers of products that serve People, Industry and Environment. We are happy to mark progress not only in numbers but also in standards and outreach. We thank all of you for being a part of Sapcon and our journey.

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