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Vibrating Fork Level Sensor

Sapcon's Products are now CCOE / PESO approved

Intrinsically safe level instruments for use in hazardous locations; protecting and valuing human life

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Level Indicators and Transmitters

31 Years of Reliable Level Measurement Solutions

We manufacture and sell more continuous and single/multi-point vibrating fork level switches than any other company, world-wide.

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Quality Level Switch/Sensors

Shifted to New Premises, Green Infrastructure

We thank our customers, distributors, vendors and well-wishers for their continuous support and loyalty that has propelled us towards success

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SLW... series water level switches

Proven Quality and Performance

Finally, a process control & automation company that understands your business and designs instruments that fit your needs of accuracy and reliability

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Welcome to Sapcon Instruments

Why Choose Us?

Level Instruments

Read more about what separates Sapcon Instruments from other level instrument manufacturers and why hundreds of process industry customers have chosen to work with us over the last 30 years.

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What's New?

CAPVEL Fuel Level Sensor

Fuel Level Sensor

Sapcon Instruments presents its latest RF Capacitance based Fuel Level Sensor for measuring oil, diesel and other fuels in the process industry. CAPVEL is a game changing product which has quickly become the choice of process companies for liquid level monitoring.

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Sapcon Instruments

Sapcon Instruments is a leading manufacturer of cost-effective and high quality level measurement instruments including level transmitters, capacitance level sensors, vibrating/tuning fork level sensors, water level sensors, capacitance level switches and liquid level switches for use in a variety of fluid/fuel and solids service material in a wide spectrum of process industries.

Sapcon Instruments manufactures industrial process control and automation instruments including level indication related solutions. Sapcon's technical know-how features a broad range of level-sensing technologies capacitance, RF-admittance, conductivity, ultrasonic and magnetostrictive.

Sapcon builds industrial-grade single-point, multi-point and continuous level sensors for service material that varies in dielectric constant, viscosity and the plant has variable and extreme temperature/pressure conditions.

Sapcon's recent TRANSlite family of fuel level sensors is one of the preferred solutions for reliable petrol/oil/fuel level measurement. The other latest offering, ADMIRE is a compact admittance based level switch that is ideal for use in constricted places with its compact size and short insertion length.

  • Vibrating Fork
  • Capacitance
  • Admittance
  • Liquid Level Switches
vibrating fork level switch

Vibrating Fork Level Sensors & Switches

Vibrating fork based sensors work on a versatile technology platform that combines frequency and amplitude for reliable level measurement. Also known as electromechanical level switches, these level instruments are offered with shorter probe lengths to make them immune to vibrations. Fork level switches are widely for switching applications in high temperature, free flowing and for viscous liquids.

With ELIXIR, Yo-Yo and the SLM series tuning fork, Sapcon Instruments is one of the largest electro-mechanical level instruments manufacturing company, world-over. Our technology expertise and domain knowledge gives us an edge over small companies or indivudual consultants and we are able to offer solutions for custom requirements which have adverse temperature and pressure conditions. Sapcon's electromechanical sensors and switches have stood the test of time in rugged and harsh environment conditions to provide accurate output for solid and liquid service materials.

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JUN 09
Sapcon Announces the Launch of New and Improved Level Instruments

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APR 10
Sapcon is now approved by CCOE/PESO, Nagpur INDIA

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MAR 23
SAPCON Receives BIS license for Flame proof Level Monitoring Equipment.

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