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Sapcon's Capvel-FUEL - Volumetric Fuel Level Sensor

With the cost of fuel increasing by the hour, it has become inevitable to use fuel judiciously and completely stop its misuse, pilferage and wastage. Fuel monitoring has thus become an integral part of sectors like fleet management, vehicle tracking, civil construction, telecommunications, oil and gas, etc. Fuel monitoring can help in optimizing operational costs, managing assets efficiently and improving profitability. Using an experience of 30 years in level instrumentation, SAPCON has launched Capvel-FUEL, a volumetric fuel level sensor which is a one-stop solution to fuel management.

Desktop App Accessibility

Leverage Capvel­-FUEL’s precise fuel level measurement by using a step­-by­-step desktop application guide. Simple button clicks make calibration and installation simpler and remove the need to memorize complicated hardware button functions. Once the tank configurations are loaded, the application presents steps to calibrate high and low levels of fuel. Tank configurations can also be saved and reused for other similar tanks to expedite calibration. Finally, an “all­-in­-one” window displays the current level of fuel in four output formats (mm, ml, % and V) along with all other installation related specifications. This window can be used to monitor fuel level and to remotely debug this fuel level sensor’s performance.

Capvel-FUEL Calibrator

Capvel­-FUEL offers two modes of calibration: ‘Quick’ and ‘Comprehensive’. ‘Quick Calibration’ sets High and Low calibration points for the sensor using a magnetic key. ‘Comprehensive Calibration’ is done using Capvel­-FUEL­-Connect, a desktop application that comes with Capvel­-FUEL. Using this application, current level of tank can be monitored through the application’s user­-interface. Furthermore, tank configurations
can be loaded and saved for future reuse.

To support both modes of calibration, Capvel­-FUEL comes with a ‘Calibrator’ that can switch between these modes using a switch. When switched to operate in ‘Quick Calibration’ mode, the calibrator is powered using its internal battery. In ‘Comprehensive Calibration’ mode, the calibrator connects the sensor with the desktop using a USB cable and operates accordingly.

The ‘Calibrator’ houses three LED’s that indicate the operational status of Capvel­-FUEL.



Capvel­-FUEL is a compact fuel level transmitter which works on the principle of capacitance. It comes with a step­-by­-step guide in the form of a desktop application, Capvel­-FUEL­-Connect. Capvel­-FUEL­-Connect is intuitive and easy to use and can help configure and calibrate the sensor in a few button clicks.

  • Suitable for fuel management for vehicle tracking systems and DG sets
  • Application guided installation and calibration
  • Light in weight
Mechanical Specifications

Housing and Probe Material

  • Aluminium

Probe Length

  • 100 ­ – 1500mm (standard length)


  • SAE 5-­bolt pattern & 1.5″ BSP thread
  • SAE 6­-bolt flange (optional)


  • PTFE, Delrin

Operating Temperature

  • 20°C to 70°C


  • +/­ 1% FSL

Response Time

  • 1 to 5 seconds (dynamic)


  • 5mm


  • +/­ 1% FSL
Electrical Specifications

Power Supply

  • DC Supply: 7­ – 30 V DC

Power Consumption

  • Maximum: 130 mA at 7V DC


  • Voltage Output: 0.5 ­ – 4.5 V / 0.1 – ­ 4.9 V adjustable
  • Digital Output: RS­485 Modbus­ RTU, ASCII, RS­232 ASCII
  • Analog Fuel Meter Compatible Output


  • PTFE, Delrin
Applications Specifications
  • Only for liquids
  • Oil, diesel, kerosene, gasoline, bio-diesel
  • Not applicable in conductive materials
  • IP­-67 certification
  • ROHS compliant
Switching Indication
  • Bi­-color LED

Level to Volume Configuration

Choose among four different output options: Level in Percentage, Level in Voltage, Level in Height and Volume in Milli-litres. Capvel­-FUEL can convert the measured level into volume, according to the shape of tank.

Application Guided Installation

Use a step-­by­-step desktop application that will comfortably take you through the entire process of
calibration. Aided by pictures, this user­-friendly app will save time and make sure you do it right the first

Save and Reuse Tank Configuration Profiles

Skip configuring your entire fleet of trucks / DG­ sets every time you have to calibrate Capvel­-FUEL. Simply save and reuse a common profile in the application for all tanks with the exact same dimensions and speed up the process of calibration.

On Site Adjustable Probe Length

We understand that different applications have different requirements. Adjust the length of your Capvel­-FUEL using the “Cuttable and Extensible” feature of its probe.

Convenient Outputs for Remote Monitoring Systems

RS­485 modbus RTU and RS­232 digital outputs are provided. Additionally, its analog output
can be directly used for pre­-installed conventional fuel gauge. Sensor is ready for IOT when you are.

IP­-67 Certification, RoHS Compliance

Capvel­-FUEL is less prone to accidental damages, and thus guarantees a longer life.

Algorithm for Turbulence Compensation

Rugged environments don’t affect the measurement of Capvel­-FUEL. A special algorithm embedded in the sensor compensates for the effect of turbulence and allows setting up of different degrees of turbulence tolerance.