SSSI – Smart SSI Speed Limit Switch


Sapcon Capvel-FUEL Volumetric Fuel Level Sensor

Capvel-FUEL – Volumetric Fuel Level Sensor

With the cost of fuel increasing by the hour, it has become inevitable to use fuel judiciously and completely stop its misuse, pilferage and wastage. Fuel monitoring has thus become an integral part of sectors like fleet management, vehicle tracking,…

Capacitive Level Transmitter


MPILC, which means Microprocessor-based Level Controller, consists of an electronic evaluation unit, an insert and a probe. It has a remote display for 0 - 100% read out. It also has a three potential-free relay contact which can be programmed…

Capacitance Level Transmitters for Liquids

Capvel Series

Capvel series is a family of capacitance level transmitters suitable for liquids. The instruments measure the capacitance between the sense rod and the metallic tank wall and convert it to suitable process output.Note: The material has to be in direct…