SSSI – Smart SSI Speed Limit Switch
Sapcon History

Setting the clock back to year 1983, Sapcon Instruments found itself surfaced with a vision to help automate the measurement of industrial processes. Sapcon founders started the company in the commercial capital of the state of Madhya Pradesh; the city of Indore. The founders of Sapcon had a technical background with sound experience in engineering. Without a fear of the unknown or the hitch of failure, the only thing our far sighted technocrats had in mind was a clear focus and a vision to be a renowned brand in the process automation market.

Where are We Today

Drawing education and learning from world-class universities such as Columbia University (NY, USA), Virginia Tech (VA, USA), GSITS (MP, India), Sapcon was grown such that it grew and grew worldwide. Today, Sapcon Instruments has shifted to a plush office in the heart of the Indore city. The company has a strong presence and exports process automation instruments to more than 75 countries including USA, Australia, China, Thailand, Russia, Baltic States, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Greece, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand... just to name a few. The company has over 5000 satisfied customers across four continents.

The Sapcon Advantage

Quality is built at every step in our manufacturing process and we strive for the confidence of our customers to develop into trust. Customer orientation and marketing are not simply confined to specific departments but govern our thinking & actions in all areas of our company. Our products influence people, industry and environment. For us, this perspective represents both duty and a task alike. Team of qualified & experienced personnel in research, production, quality, service, finance, and marketing to provide efficient back up support and optimum solution to customers for their process applications.

Vision & Philosophy

To think ahead, think differently, think globally, think fast, aiming for the best, aiming for win-win partnership with our clients, vendors and partners. To convert ideas to reality and to make this reality in sync with the demand, we need to have two thoughts our management fondly believes in: custodianship and a sense of urgency in implementation.

Our Mission

By 2020 SAPCON aspires a leading position in the field of process control automation with significant global presence through products conforming to international standards. In India, we want to capitalise our brand equity to ensure first or in the least, the second rank in every industry segment we cater to.


Sapcon is a technically savvy company and we try to offer a broad spectrum of solutions for level indication and speed monitoring. Our R & D team keeps us abreast with all the technological advancement in the market and forms the backbone of design and features of our instruments. Our R & D staff is constantly working with industry experts, customers and technical intelligencia to offer new, intuitive instruments while cutting down the costs so that we can offer you reasonable solutions. Our Production team has specialists both from Mechanical Engineering and Electronics Engineering background as our product offering includes both electromechanical as well as electronic products. These experts are responsible for production/assembly/testing and QC of our instruments. We love to call them as our center forwards.

Rajendra R. Palshikar
Founder, Director

Ashwin R. Palshikar
Director, Business Development

Dhananjay R. Palshikar
Head, Research & Development

Manpreet D. Palshikar
Brand Manager