Sapcon Instruments at Automation Expo 2017 (Stall G-2)

18 July 2017 by admin
Visit Sapcon Instruments at Automation Expo 2017 (Stall G2), August 9-12, 2017 in Mumbai (Bombay Convention & Exhibition Center, Goregaon East).

SAPCON is proud to announce that we are participating in the largest Automation & Instrumentation exhibition of South-East Asia which is being held in Mumbai (Bombay Exhibition & Convention Center, Goregaon East) from 09-12 Aug, 2017. Do visit Sapcon Instruments at Automation Expo 2017 (Stall G-2).

Theme for Sapcon Instruments at Automation Expo 2017

We have always believed in selling experiences and giving solutions. In this era of technology, seamless connectivity and flow of information between different devices and platforms is becoming more and more essential. Hence, this year’s theme for our showcase will be “Connected” with Internet of Things (IOT) as the crux. With this requirement in mind, we will be launching services that will allow better connectivity between us, our customers and our products. Our 49 sq. mt. stall is a walk-in stall which will feature live demonstrations of our products. Sapcon representatives will be at your service and will give you a walk-through of the instruments and will help you select a solution that will perfectly cater to your specific needs.

Understanding customer requirements is always a priority. Believing in this intent, we will be publicly launching our new products along with other ones which have performed exceptionally well and impressed the industries.

Capvel-FUEL is a compact fuel level transmitter which works on the principle of capacitance. It comes with a step-by-step guide in the form of a desktop application, Capvel-FUEL-Connect. It consists of special algorithm which is embedded in the sensor that helps to compensate the effect of turbulence.

Elixir T-Uni is a liquid level switch which is compact vibrating forks used in tanks, pipelines etc. It is reliable and has fast switching time. It comes with polished finish for hygenic applications.

Coat-Endure is a compact coat-immune admittance-based level switch. It is suitable for sticky solids and pastes. The device has been used where material has tendency to stick on the probe. Coat-Endure-T is a more compact version of Coat-Endure and can compensate the effect of temperature variation.

SLMR Orbit Paddle Level Switch is an elctromechanical switch whose paddle is rotated slowly by a stepper motor. The design of the stepper motor is such that it eliminates the need for gear boxes and clutches. A flap action is provided which discards the clinging material.

SLP Vibrating Rod is a compact level limit switch for free-flowing as well as for bulk solids. It is immune to spurious external vibrations and is suitable for temperatures as high as 200°C.

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