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SLA: RF Admittance Type Level Sensor with Buildup immunity

Item Code: SLA_D

Admittance Level Limit Switch (Use media such as Low dielectric media e.g. cement, fly ash, clinkers, ESP hoppers)
  • Application Temperature Range : Up to 1000°C
  • Available in Integral & remote models
  • Coating Immunity specially for sticky and viscous media
  • Wetted Parts : PTFE, Ceramic, Mild Steel, Galvanized Iron, SS 304, SS 310 & SS 316
  • Certifications: Flame Proof IIA, IIB & IP65 Housing
  • Rod & rope type probe
  •  Probe length 250 mm to 10m

The probe comprises of sense, shield and ground electrodes electrically isolated from the metallic tank by means of suitable insulators. The sense electrodes and the vessel wall serve as the two electrodes of an imperfect capacitor with the service material as the dielectric. A change in material level causes a change in admittance of this imperfect tank capacitors.

  • Power Supply: 24 V DC, 90-260 V AC
  • Suitable for very dusty environment
  • Power Consumption: Less than 05 VA
  • Immune to application material coating on the probe
  • High temperature durability (Up to 1000°C)t
  • High durability and system reliability
  • Calibration possible from remote location
  • Fail-safe High/Low selection available as standard
  • Ignores build-up of service material inside tank
  • Shorter Probe Lengths


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