CAPVEL Loop Powered-Capacitance based Level Transmitter

Item Code: CAPVEL_LP

Capacitance Type Wire Loop Powered Level Transmitter (For Conductive or Non-Conductive Liquids, Slurries & Powdered Compounds)
  • Application Temperature Range : Up to 350°C 
  • Wetted parts PTFE, Ceramic, Galvanized Iron, SS 304 & SS 316
  • Partially & full PTFE insulated sense
  • Rod & rope type probe
  • Process connection : Screwed, Flange & Tri-Clamp
  • Certifications: Flame Proof IIC & IP65 Housing
  • Probe length 100 mm to 10m

CAPVEL-LP is composed of specially developed capacitance change gauging circuit. It uses fast RISC based processor to perform all the complicated jobs of evaluat- ing the level out of the capacitance. This capacitance is formed by the sense rod and the metallic container wall where containers are non-metallic or non-uniformly wide or having turbulent fluid, a metallic stilling well is provided. The amount of capacitance is proportional to the level of material between the sense rod and metallic wall of stilling tube or container.

  • Power Supply - 24 - 50 V DC
  • Internal Temperature Compensation
  • Easy Two Point Calibration Setting
  • Low Cabling Cost
  • Adjustable turbulence immunity
Datasheet Instruction Manual