CAPVEL_LP-Capacitance Level Transmitter

Item Code: CAPVEL_LP

Capacitance Type Wire Loop Powered Level Transmitter (For Conductive or Non-Conductive Liquids, Slurries & Powdered Compounds)

CAPVEL-LP is composed of specially developed capacitance change gauging circuit. It uses fast RISC based processor to perform all the complicated jobs of evaluat- ing the level out of the capacitance. This capacitance is formed by the sense rod and the metallic container wall where containers are non-metallic or non-uniformly wide or having turbulent fluid, a metallic stilling well is provided. The amount of capacitance is proportional to the level of material between the sense rod and metallic wall of stilling tube or container.

Applications of Capvel-LP - Capacitance Level Sensor in Water Treatment Plant
Water Treatment Plant

Capvel-LP continuously measures the water level to maintain the accuracy of the water treatment plant.

  • Sand Filters
  • Water Reservior
Applications of Capvel-LP - Capacitance Level Sensor in Fuel Industry
Fuel Industry

The capacitive level sensor is used to achieve efficiency in turbulence conditions.

  • DG Sets
  • Storage Tank
Applications of Capvel-ICT - Capacitance Level Sensor in Flour Mills

It is used in the storage section of mills to measure the level with precision.

  • Flour Mills
  • Rice Mills
  • Pulses Mills
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