SSSI – Smart SSI Speed Limit Switch

Derivative Applications

Level Sensor for Continuous level Measurement

Elefant Level Transmitter for De­-oiled Toaster

Sapcon's Elefant Level Transmitter for De­-oiled Toaster is a special solution that was developed primarily for Soya industries. This sensor is ideal for continuous level measurement of the application material.Elefant works on the principle of physical movement of float. Due…

Head loss Transmitter

Loss of Head Level Sensor

Sapcon's Loss of Head level sensor is used to measure differential level (Loss of Head) in open channels , water canals and is also widely used in water treatment plants and filter stations. The MPLOH Series covers variants of LOH…

Sapcon's Rate of Flow level sensors are used to measure the level of conductive or nonconductive liquids, slurries and powdered or fine grained solids homogeneous composition having a stable dielectric constant.

Rate of Flow Level Sensor

Sapcon's Rate of Flow level sensor is RISC Processor based continuous level indicator (level transmitter). The series of this sensor utilizes the principle of capacitance for level measurement. Apart from level indication, the built-in three point electronic level limit switch…