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04 March 2017 by admin
Coat-Endure Installation Guide, Sapcon catering stakeholders and thier language preferences

Our instruments travel a long way in their journey from our workshop to the ultimate site location. In this journey, they meet multiple stakeholders with different language preferences.

We believe that language should only enable transmission of knowledge and never become a blocking obstacle. Hence, Sapcon is working on releasing its documentation in languages that cater most of its stakeholders and their language preferences, namely English and Hindi. In this endeavor, we present our first video in Hindi that explains the installation procedure of Coat-Endure. You can watch other installation videos from Sapcon at our Youtube channel.



Coat-Endure is a microcontroller based compact coat-immune admittance level limit switch. It is suitable for sticky solids and pastes. The device has been designed for compact silos and packaging machines where material has tendency to stick on the probe. Its successor, Coat-Endure-T, is an innovation resulting from the success of Coat-Endure and an unmet need of a compact coating immune admittance based level switch. Whereas compact vibrating forks for liquids have proven to be very successful for space constrained silos; slurries and pastes tend to be sticky, where vibrating forks could malfunction due to a coating of application material.

Such installation guides are a part of our Value Added Services which comprise Sapcon Support Center, in-house developed automated GA drawing software and technical videos. These are aimed at making “The Sapcon Experience”, which is your journey from inquiry through order, even smoother.

In the process of striving to further better your “Sapcon Experience”, we seek feedback from you. This will enable us to provide you with superior products and improved service. Please fill the customer feedback available on the following link to offer comments about our products and services.

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Your suggestions are always welcome and will be highly appreciated.

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